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About Us and Our Values

We envision the opportunity to provide ongoing wellness resources, educational workshops and information that inspire sisterhood worldwide.

About Her Nexx Chapter

We as women are about the quality of life through wellness, lifestyle, and empowerment. Her Nexx Chapter is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are committed to focusing our efforts on giving back to women in ways that go beyond the financial contributions. We build and connect the missing bridge for her inner balance, peace, and self-assurance. To help women stimulate self-growth with ways to connect, mentor, nurture and liberate her lifestyle. Our humanitarian contributions to women and for women indicates our commitment to the true concept of “A Community of Women for Women.” In addition to our empowerment community, we support and campaign for breast cancer awareness and we provide women surviving breast cancer with support and assistance.

Our Passion stems from the desire to be impactful, inspirational and to bring synergy to women who are transitioning into a new phase in their lives. Her Nexx Chapter brings a unique holistic perspective that speaks to women all over the world by connecting, mentoring, nurturing and liberating her lifestyle, established through our online empowerment courses.

Our Mission is to develop a community to provide empowerment through mentorship and innovative solutions for women desiring transformation in wellness, lifestyle and personal finance. Her Nexx Chapter Membership interacts with powerful industry expert women through workshops, events, and seminars helping women to achieve their life goals.

Our Vision illuminates a diverse group of women spanning multi-generations with increased capacity to embrace individual strengths for well-being, growth, and life-enhancing opportunities for every chapter of their lives.

About Lady Chap, Founder & CEO

I’m Tracy Chapital, affectionately known as “Lady Chap” and in November 2016, I was finding myself at a loss with lack of self-fulfillment and purpose to only discover other women transiting through their lives were also experiencing the same thing in terms of aging baby boomers, lacking confidence, self-esteem and feeling a sense of emptiness. Like many other women, baby boomers transitioning into a new phase have hit a brick wall with career choices and limitations, and I was feeling disconnected from myself and any new possibilities for my life. I decided to channel all my experience, passion and life lessons into a self-created foundation, Her Nexx Chapter, Inc. But I wanted to be part of a community of women with a voice that will add value to my journey as I transition into my next phase or better yet, my next chapter.

I had envisioned myself helping to make a difference not only in my own life but in the lives of other women. As the Founder and CEO of Her Nexx Chapter, my desire is to connect women on many levels as we strive to build our membership chapters throughout the country offering wellness programs, style of living resources, and online empowerment courses. I want to share my unique perspective that speaks to women all over the world by touching their intellect from my heart, my soul, and my spirit. Our climate is changing. The #METOO movement has created a huge shift of thought, accountability and possibilities for women. I feel women have been shackled mentally for decades, consumed by others’ agendas and expectations. I see Her Nexx Chapter as a movement to help close the generation gap and celebrate diversity in all women as we are shifting. This was not an easy transition for me. There were struggles, doubts and labor pains to give birth to Her Nexx Chapter. I must confess I had procrastinated for seven years, with a list of excuses as to why I could not or should not launch this organization, before I finally moved forward with this passion. At the heart of this delay was nothing else but my fear of failure. 

I was walking through a lot of loss and heartbreak. I was mourning my best friend’s death from breast cancer. I had a business that had failed, and I felt a void in my life that I had never known before. I allowed life’s responsibilities and distractions to get in my way. In retrospect, I was my own saboteur. Until one day my inner spirit told me my excuses had expired and it was time for me to get up and move; I could not delay my passion any longer. I know now that I’m walking in my God-given purpose for myself, for other women and for my best friend who’d inspired me to have that purpose, passion and a story to tell, and now I do; my spirit is settled. 

I am proud that my vision illuminates a diverse group of women spanning multi-generations with increased capacity to embrace individual strengths for well-being, growth, and life-enhancing opportunities for every chapter of their lives. Women’s voices need to be heard, listened to and respected. They are a movement as a community of women empowering women to be their best selves.

This is Michele Kemp and her little baby before we celebrated her life. People ask me, “Am I a survivor of breast cancer?” My answer is, “I am a survivor of losing my dearest friend, Michele Kemp in August 2011 to breast cancer. I am still trying to survive the loss of her friendship.”

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