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The Future of Connection for Women

Her Nexx Chapter, Inc. is a global platform in search of female Virtual Coaches, e.g., facilitators, counselors, trainers, mentors, and licensed therapists who have a passion to encourage, motivate and facilitate opportunities for women. If this describes you, we want to talk.

What is a Virtual Coach?

As a facilitator of an ongoing Virtual Program, you will develop and establish a virtual supportive network of dynamic women from all over the world who are in search of connection, growth, and support from a community of women for women.

Why You?

As a Virtual Coach, you will step into your own new next chapter with an opportunity to:

  • Expand possibilities for your brand
  • Enjoy an additional income stream based on membership growth
  • Access the ongoing infusion of potential 1:1 clients from our existing database, subscription and email campaigns
  • Collaborate with other Virtual Coaches, mentors, and counselors
  • Utilize our social media, work within an established platform, employ marketing, advertising, and resources for additional exposure
  • Work remotely, where all Virtual Programs are conducted through a live programming platform setting

How Does It Work?

HNC provides a nurturing, encouraging, virtual network environment by facilitating monthly online educational and support virtual group and self-development programs for diverse women from all generations: millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers. As a Virtual Coach, you will be required to comply with our system, structure and schedules described here:

  • Work with your assigned group based on your expert topic
  • Organize and host a minimum of one 1-hour group program per month
  • Access our robust recruiting processes for accessibility to members
  • Utilize your dedicated Marketing and Editorial teams and Regional Managing Director to virtually assist you in getting started

Our Requirements

Our process is to review all applications, make a selection of qualified candidates, and invite selected applicants to proceed to the next steps.

  • Must be comfortable working with diverse groups of women
  • Experience leading, coaching, mentoring or counseling women
  • Comfortable hosting and facilitating meetings
  • Extensive knowledge of leveraging Social Media with a strong number of followers
  • Experience marketing and promoting events is a plus
  • Ability to host a minimum of one 1-hour group program per month while staying in touch with follow-up emails, texts or (optional) phone calls.
  • 1099 Contractor compensated through membership commission.

               “Get ready, be ready and stay ready … for what’s in your next chapter for life”  – Lady Chap

Our first "meet and greet" together...

We are excited you’ve decided to join our Virtual Coaches, eager to help inspire women. Grab your favorite beverage and tell us about yourself … hurry, hurry, women all over the globe are waiting for you to help propel them into their next chapter for life. HNC will not share your personal information with third parties. See our privacy policy for details.

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