How to Take a Pause to Look Within: A Story About Being in the Present Moment

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In India, there was a small village called Kothanari. A mom, Umaiyi, and dad, Umapathy, lived happily in their farmhouse. Trees covered their house. Umaiyi was pregnant; it was the summer season famous for different varieties of mangoes. So, her habit was to sow the delicious mango seed that she had so that the tree would give her the sweetest and most delicious fruit in her backyard. Within 15 days, the tiny leaves started to sprout. Umaiyi was happy to see the sprouts and told her baby in her womb: “The mango tree is your elder sister.”

The couple led a simple life amid the green umbrella, i.e., trees, shrubs, and climbers surrounding their house. In another six months, Umaiyi gave birth to a girl child named Yogini. Yogini grew up with nature and her big sister – the mango tree. Yogini shared her happy and sad moments with the mango tree, and it became her life buddy. She learned to be kind, lovable, and connect with her friends and neighbors.

While growing up, she wanted to work in Chennai for big companies. She was very good at math and science (STEM). She completed her math graduation and got a dream job in a multinational company in Chennai. When she had to move to a big city, she wondered how she would survive being away from her big sister – the mango tree. Even though she was joyful about her job, at the same time, she hugged the mango tree and cried.

When she started working in the corporate world, the environment taught her to develop interpersonal communication, group discussion, and connecting with the people around her to buy in, be a better negotiator and do her job better. Every day she called her parents and shared what was happening at her work. She daily talked to her mango tree, too.

As years passed, Yogini broke the glass ceiling and climbed up the ladder in her career. She called her parents during the weekends and shared stories about her colleagues. Everything at work was moving just as Yogini expected. But unfortunately, she was having too many thoughts in her mind, as according to research, the average human will have about 6,200 thoughts per day. In the subsequent week, she had neck pain, and the following week she had knee pain. So, month after month, her health was affected more and more. She couldn’t sleep well.

An inner voice whispered powerfully and boldly, “You need a break, Yogini.” This problem has been ongoing for the last three months. Finally, one day, she listened to her inner voice and went on a vacation to her hometown for two months.

After entering her home, she hugged her big sister, the mango tree. It was the beginning of the summer season, and many buds were coming up. In the evening, she talked to her big sister the same way she did when she was young.

Big sister: How are you? Now you have found the time to visit us.

Yogini: I always think about you.

Big sister: Do you? I believe so. You have grown up, my little sister. You have learned how to be kind and connect with others.

Yogini: My work has taught me so much.

Big sister: Good for you, my little sister.

Yogini: I enjoyed my work. So many work pressures were going around my mind. I wasn’t able to sleep. I was becoming lethargic.

Big sister: Oh oh…In the modern world, it is called stress. Let me ask you something. Have you ever thought of being kind to yourself and connecting within yourself?

Yogini: Nope. What does that mean?

Big sister: Learning about yourself will pave the path to connect within you.

Yogini: So, how do I communicate within myself?

Big sister: I will share a three-step secret formula.

Yogini: Sounds interesting. I am so curious to learn.

Big sister: The first step of the secret formula is to “Be in the present moment.”

Yogini: How do I do that? Can you explain it?

Big sister: When you were young, riding a bicycle was a more focused activity. Do you remember? You shared with me how much concentration you needed to look at the road and not think about anything?

Yogini: I remembered some, but not all. Do you have another incident that you can remind me of?

Big sister: When you were young, you loved to draw.

Yogini: Yes, I loved to draw. It is one of my hobbies.

Big sister:  While drawing, you focused only on that art.

Yogini: Yes, I remember. 99% of the time, I couldn’t hear when mom or dad called for help.

Big sister: What a memory you have!!

Yogini: Now, I know how to be in the present moment.

Big sister: Practice some hobbies – drawing, biking, or listening to music. Something that you love to do for two weeks. It could be for just 15 to 30 minutes. Remember to be in the present moment. Specifically, allow no other thoughts to distract your focus.

What to do? Practice a hobby

How much time per day? Every day, 15 to 30 minutes

How long is the duration? Two weeks

Yogini: Such a lovely idea. Thank you, big sister!! I will talk to you about my experience in two weeks and learn the second step of the secret formula.

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