Take Ownership of Your Fertility Journey

This course and workbook will help you self-reflect, take ownership and, most importantly, be more intentional about navigating the rough waters of infertility. This course will offer plenty of tips and techniques to help your infertility journey SUCK LESS!

Who should take this course 

  • Women, men and couples who have just been diagnosed with infertility, those going through it and/or are about to or have had their first consult
  • Women, men and couples who are getting ready to start a family and are experiencing some challenges of their own
  • Friends and family members who are supporting loved ones on their infertility journey
  • General curious minds who want to learn about and understand the emotional pain associated with infertility

What to expect from each section of this course


  • Learn about the unknowns of infertility and what a typical fertility treatment journey looks like
  • Have a clear understanding of the various emotions that might sneak up during your fertility journey
  • Things to consider, tips and techniques for men, women and couples to be prepared and take control of their fertility journey
  • Ways for family members and friends to support their loved one(s) experiencing fertility struggles

Course Outline

Module 1) Before You Begin the Course – This module is intended to set the stage for the course and how to best experience it, especially highlighting the importance of the workbook section of each module.
  • Introduction
  • Setting the stage
  • How to best experience this course
Module 2) Why Do I Care About Infertility? – This module is intended to share my long and painful journey with infertility and invite the attendee to dream about her ideal journey.
  • My journey and my light
  • Your journey
Module 3) Introduction to Infertility? This module is intended to give an overview about infertility from a medical perspective and highlight some important facts.
  • What is infertility?
  • Quick facts about infertility and typical treatment journey
Module 4) As a Woman – This module is intended to focus on women about to go through fertility treatments or someone who is in the middle of her treatments. It will offer plenty of tips and self-reflective tools to help navigate her struggles with infertility.
  • Given factors
  • Introducing Suck-O-Meter
  • Infertility Journey Map with real stories
  • Different emotions and coping mechanisms
  • My “Yes to” and “No to” list
Module 5) As a Man – This module is intended to focus on men going through infertility challenges and it covers supporting his partner in their struggles. It will offer him plenty of tips and self-reflective tools to help with their challenges and how to best support his partner as well.
  • Important facts
  • Given factors with real stories
  • Different emotions
  • Things to do and avoid

Module 6) As a Couple – This module is intended to highlight the invisible wall, aka the relationship struggles, that happen with couples experiencing infertility. The module will offer antidotes to the various toxins that appear in relationships and how to best navigate the journey together as a couple. It offers a variety of workbook activities including writing a personal love letter to each other.
  • The invisible Wall with real stories
  • Four toxins in a relationship
  • Antidotes for four toxins
Module 7) For Family and Friends – This module is intended for those family members and friends who truly care about and want to support their loved ones going through infertility. It offers plenty of tips on how to show your support where it will be well received by your loved one(s).
  • Things not to tell people going through infertility
  • How can you help?
Module 8) Bringing it All Together – This module is intended to recap the various modules and leave you inspired to help start or continue your journey more energized, empowered and rejuvenated.
  • A quick recap
  • Your journey moving forward
  • An inspiration
Module 9) Next Steps/Useful Resources and References – This module will provide useful resources and important next steps that will leave you with possibilities.

Course Price $199

Pradeepa Narayanaswamy is an International Coaching Federation-Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with over eight years of coaching experience. Her long, lonely and painful struggles for 11 years with infertility included three miscarriages, three IUI failures and eight back-to-back IVF failures before Pradeepa was diagnosed with “unexplained infertility.” She then made it her life’s purpose to coach women, men and couples going through infertility struggles. Her mission is to help them on their infertility journey to make it suck less. She strongly believes couples, men and women who feel empowered with fertility coaching have a more positive experience. Pradeepa is not just talking the talk about infertility, she has walked the walk for a very long time and found her light at the end of the tunnel. She is looking forward to helping you discover your possibilities.  

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