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The Story of Us

We are a community where women connect, explore and transform.


Connect your synergy with amazing like-minded women who are traveling the same journey in life as you. We offer additional resources, networking opportunities, and limitless possibilities. Join our community and expand your horizons. Connect with subject matter expert coaches who provide knowledge and years of expertise.


Explore your self-care, self-awareness, and self-discovery through holistic alternative options. Our virtual eChapters, free webinars, and eCourse programs are designed to enrich women’s well-being mentally, physically and spiritually to achieve new levels of growth in personal and professional development.


Transform your lifestyle. Learn to give yourself permission to choose new paths and own new values that propel you to your inner happy place. Allow your subject matter expert coach to help you define your Nexx Chapter and quality of life based on your own rules. Learn how to use our virtual membership programs.

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