We are in alignment with the SHIFT in today’s status, and we are committed to helping women optimize impactful results for their future.

What We Offer

Online Education, Community Resources, & Self-Development

We support women from all ethnicities. Our demographic bridges the gap between ages 20-60 years; women are either single, married, widowed, or divorced, with or without children. Her Nexx Chapter provides unlimited tools to help women excel to the next chapter in their lives. We have two main components to our platform: 1) community, and 2) course access to HNC’s internal programs that cover all aspects of women’s lives. Our virtual community addresses a woman’s lifestyle and interests with valuable resourceful information, interactive activities, live virtual events, and networking opportunities.

What is Offered with Lifetime Access?

On-the-job Experience, Structured and Nurturing Mentorship

Course access within our membership community offers the opportunity for women to elevate to the next level. With strengthening fundamental essential areas for self-development and life advancements, women may benefit from a private session with a coach, group master classes, as well as access to Q&A recordings.


Diversity & Inclusion


Other Programs Offered

Workshops, Seminars, and Digital Coaching

In addition to having access to our vibrant community platform, our internal flagship programs are designed to help women from volunteers, apprentices or interns to have access to on-the-job structured, impactful training. We align our customized virtual programs based on the workforce apprentice’s and internship curriculum requirements. HNC’s purpose is to increase strong women leadership and assist employers/employees to develop effective communication practices that propel women to new levels.

Digital Courses

Live Workshops

HNC Academy Pathfinder

Leadership, Apprenticeship, Internship, and Certification Programs

HNC Academy Pathfinder Program provides on-the-job experience/training where one has the opportunity to sharpen corporate skills to gain experience and insights through courses, workshops, job shadowing and internships within the HNC Community. Our platform postures interns for skill set development and job experience for both school credit and job reference. Interns are required to circulate from development to capturing all aspects of operating and running a business.

This applies to students interested in experiential learning or obtaining for-credit hours. Consider joining HNC Academy Pathfinder Program which is open to female students worldwide. The benefits of an internship with HNC are:

  • Practical experience with social media campaigns and content creation
  • Mentoring opportunities with experienced, knowledgeable professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in networking events and organizational meetings
  • Virtual internship with flexible schedule for students

The process of receiving internship credit differs between schools and degree programs. The HNC Human Resources Team can assist you in determining if you are eligible.

HNC Academy Pathfinder Program includes:



Public Relations



Business Relationships

Programs & Events Coordination

Human Resources


Inspire your team – and the next generation of female leaders – by partnering with Her Nexx Chapter today! Contact us at hello@hernexxchapter.org for more information.

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