We are in alignment with the SHIFT in today’s status, and we are committed to helping women optimize impactful results for their future.

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We support women from all ethnicities. Our demographic bridges the gap between ages 20-60 years; women are either single, married, widowed, or divorced, with or without children. Her Nexx Chapter provides unlimited tools to help women excel to the next chapter in their lives. We have three main components to our platform: 1) Virtual Community, 2) Airwave Educational Programming, and 3) Annual Women’s Wellness Event that cover all aspects of women’s lives. Our virtual community and talk radio/podcast addresses a woman’s lifestyle and interests with valuable resourceful information, interactive activities, live virtual events, and networking opportunities.

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Our Focus for 2023: Mental Health and Well-being

On-the-job Experience, Structured and Nurturing Mentorship

Her Nexx Chapter, Inc. is proud to support an upcoming event centered around mental health that will give identity to the vast numbers of women, children and families suffering from mental illness imbalances. The Mental Illness Policy Organization states that more than 50% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness at some point in their lives while it is estimated that half of these individuals will not receive treatment for these conditions. Without treatment, this can impact other areas of life such as family and relationships, work and school, physical health, and substance abuse, often leading to other disorders. This much-needed discussion around a critical topic will bring awareness to the way mental health is perceived, addressed, and handled. It will also delve into the detection of underlying signs from generational, genetic, and cultural aspects. Her Nexx Chapter intends to address this important topic from a variety of perspectives as well as provide educational information and outreach resources.

Her Nexx Chapter’s goal for the virtual event, “It’s OKAY! Pause, Breathe, Proceed” is to acknowledge the critical worldwide issues surrounding the profound impact of mental illness. The program will include supporting commentary from the most qualified behavioral licensed doctors, health advocates, fitness experts, and nutrition consultants. We will also include real-life stories from professional athletes and entertainers to everyday people and survivors of ones lost to suicidal aggression.

This program will be presented in two parts, giving our partners the opportunity to sponsor with live streaming on television, social media platforms, talk radio show/podcast, or all platforms.

Airwaves Educational Programming and Broadcasting

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Airing weekly, our talk show/podcast features guest speakers, coaches, medical doctors and life coaches discussing various topics that are appetizing to our female audience. The podcast is syndicated on 20 platforms including Apple, iHeart, Spotify and Pandora.


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