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We welcome your contributions! Allow Her Nexx Chapter to share your knowledge, expertise and passion with women around the world, helping us in our mission to enhance women’s wellness, style of life and empowerment. Our editorial team will work with you to polish your writing and sharpen your message. We are looking to work with female writers of every ethnicity, orientation, tradition, and background across the globe. Add your voice to Her Nexx Chapter for life. Her Nexx Chapter reserves the right to determine what will be published. Contact for more information.

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Her Nexx Chapter, Inc. is a global platform in search of female Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), (including certified coaches, facilitators, counselors, trainers, mentors, and licensed therapists) who have a passion to encourage, motivate and facilitate opportunities for women. If this describes you, we want to talk.


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Our online eCourses are designed to help restore, rediscover and synergize women’s natural rhythms. An ideal HNC course has at least 45-plus minutes of video content and can also be a series of 21 days of impactful bliss at the instructor’s discretion. Content should be packed with insightful empowering knowledge, information, and opportunities geared toward women’s issues, concerns and/or life values. HNC is interested in subjects and topics that are uplifting and can enhance the lives of women of all ages, ethnicities and walks of life.

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