Her Nexx Chapter is looking for a Podcast & Video Intern who helps with HNC’s podcast production workflow and has some experience and efficiency working with a team, as well as knowledge in the following areas:

  • Help with keyword research, audio editing, and guest outreach
  • Create an outline and notes for the show to keep it on topic, including a podcast intro explaining the specific episode to the audience followed by the “meat” of the show, the closing, and all the show notes
  • Add key focus words to copy in the podcast episode title, page title, chapter headings, description, show notes, and any social media promos
  • Pitch to a guest podcaster and organize interview times and other details
  • Manage visual and audio edits of the podcast with matching graphics
  • Upload the podcast episode to the host platform, as well as the audio files, description, and show art

Guest Management – The intern will assist with getting guests onto the HNC show and/or help Lady Chap be a guest on another show. You’ll be in charge of researching, pitching, and then setting up the interview time.

Editing – The raw audio and visual podcast is primed and ready to upload and share. Managing raw visual and raw audio for view quality includes:

  • Normalizing the volume
  • Editing out silence
  • Taking out verbal mistakes
  • Reducing background noise

Copy – The intern will have access to the show’s transcription word-for-word or a written summary explaining the topic and guests. Podcast editors will help transcribe or write up a description of the show for listeners to pair with the audio.

Manage Audiographics – Help with social media graphics and promotions by making an Instagram story with an audio stream that contains a snippet of the podcast. Intern collaborates with the Production Editor, pulls a piece of the podcast, and works with Marketing for interactive graphics to match a podcast graphic that can be shared on social media.

Upload Content – The intern will be responsible for uploading to the production platform Podetize, where the podcast will be pushed out for listeners. Audio files need to be manually uploaded every time there is a new one, so listeners can find them. In addition to the audio file, a short description and show art will also need to be uploaded.