Video Content Producers/Editors must demonstrate excellent time management skills, the ability to turn a vision into reality, and be highly artistic. Ultimately, a high-quality film editor should have exceptional video editing skills, a creative approach to problem-solving, and be able to work long hours reviewing audio and visual footage and using computer software to organize clips into a cohesive unit. Duties include splitting or combining video clips, adding appropriate sounds or graphics, and watching the finished product to catch mistakes before submitting it for review. The Video Editor reviews all the footage and creates the best output by cutting and connecting various footage, adding sound effects and graphics and fine-tuning the completed video.

Video Content Producer/Editor must be a detail-oriented and creative individual with a great imagination and have a background in media, art, communication, photography, videography, and/or technology. An ideal Video Editor has a combination of all in order to understand all elements of producing a finished quality film or video. Must have experience or training for this position. A Video Editor must have some level of experience working with film, video, and/or podcasts, as well as training in video production and editing software, such as Final Cut Pro. The Video Editors will work with the following assignment and must be efficient in all areas. Training in multimedia and communications is helpful, but not required. Must have proficiency in editing software programs, a general understanding of computers and digital equipment, and knowledge of new and cutting-edge technology with the ability to take and follow directions, while also having a creative eye for improvements.

  • Record and edit content with mandatory access to editing software
  • Attend collaboration meetings and can meet deadlines
  • Create promotional material for HNC Virtual Community
  • Develop content wellness educational programs, podcast, and talk radio
  • Develop social media video posts, email campaigns, and blogs
  • Transcript content for all projects
  • Co-branding with Corporate & Sister Alignment
  • Develop sponsorship content
  • Assemble raw footage and transfer or upload it to a computer
  • Follow a mapped-out production script, screenplay, or outline
  • Input sound and graphics to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs
  • Digitally splice film and video and synchronize them into one rough cut file
  • Improve and correct lighting, coloring, and faulty footage
  • Work closely with directors and diverse muti-cultural to present a final product that matches the overall vision