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When HER world is on hold, having a connection to a community where women connect, explore and transform starts with a conversation.


Mark your calendars to zoom in for a virtual FREE webinar with women from all over the world on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 7PM CDT

Why Attend?

It’s REAL Girl Talk…

Connect with subject matter experts who are life coaches, counselors and advisors providing inspiring conversations about topics that are impactful for Her nexx chapter with family, business and career. Working your “know how” to cope and enhance confidence and learn what it takes to lead, think, plan, and execute the new norm in your life with powerful strength.

Her Career

Financial Security


Her Power





Meet Our Virtual Coaches

Jan Barlow

Jan Barlow

Certified Entrepreneurship Coach

Nida Jawad

Nida Jawad

Certified Mindful Life Coach

Kia Wells

Kia Wells

Budget & Credit Coach

Dare Rosebery

Dare Rosebery

Leader Development Coach

Christine Hoseman

Christine Hoseman

Certified Career Coach

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