Her Career Catalyst

One of the most important aspects of a clear career vision for women is understanding her values. Her Nexx Chapter’s Virtual Coaches help women to identify self-worth, examine the roles and duties of a team leader within the workplace market and professionally develop to be ready to pivot when the right opportunity comes. 

Program Overview

  • Self-assessment – Learn how to take time to create a clear career vision
  • Build – Prepare a long-term career vision that speaks to the core of who women are and want to become
  • Identify – Best practices and fit for women’s ongoing future 
  • Strategize – Work to strategically create a blueprint for values-based career growth
  • Assess – Analyze skill sets, assets and development gaps 
  • Transformation – Learn how to transform and transition a career to new heights
  • Explore – Discover various career competencies, like adaptability, dealing with conflict in the workplace, career leadership, and negotiation

Successful Outcomes

Our Virtual Program will help women to overcome unexpected career dilemmas through preparation. 

  • Develop and exude confidence, new strengths, and self-awareness
  • Identify competencies and knowledge to effectively market those accomplishments
  • Members identify who they are now and what their goals can develop into
  • Ability to establish credibility and self-assurance
  • Address readiness for the role and re-entering the workforce
  • Personal branding

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