Her Leader Journey

Become a better leader of yourself, so that you can be a better leader for others – family, team, organizations. Transforming key things about who we are and removing limitations will prepare us to be more effective with others.

People and organizations typically invest in knowledge (How) or skills/talents (What) but miss the key to achieving the results they desire by not investing the time to nurture and develop the person – the Who (Why). Better people perform better. Uncommonly effective people develop themselves and others in a similar way: they become and produce others-focused leaders who can achieve more predictable, repeatable, consistent results and sustaining excellence in all areas of their lives and profession.

Desiring to improve who we are could begin with a transformational moment – a spark of inspiration. Developing who we are begins with a decision produced by a willing heart and mind. Actually becoming better people requires intentional determination – stoking and nurturing our purposeful flame – consistently over time.

Program Overview

  • Positively impact the effectiveness of others through transforming key things about yourself:
    • Transform your Perspective – you will change your behaviors;
    • Transform your Preparation of Who You Are – you will elevate your actions;
    • Transform your Way with People (WWP) – you will connect with people;
    • Transform your Courage – you will make better decisions;
    • Transform your Teamwork – you will gain momentum of others and;
    • Transform your Excellence – you will achieve notable and lasting results.
  • Develop personal and professional transformational planning strategies using Inspire Success Equation of Purpose + Vision + Mission = Benefits/Outcomes that will start you where strategic planning does not and take you where strategic planning cannot.
  • You can join this journey at any time. Each session is designed to be interactive and impactful regardless of when someone joins the group. Discussion inspired by relevant moments and current challenges of participants is welcome.

Successful Outcomes

  • Set yourself on a path for a more fulfilled, successful life.
  • Begin to overcome the things that limit your effectiveness in your personal and professional life.
  • Become a better leader of yourself and thus be a better leader for others.
  • Understand how to achieve better results in all areas and relationships of life and become capable of taking on greater, more impactful roles in your life and organizations.

Recommended Materials
Becoming Uncommonly Effective and Transformational Development & Planning – books written by Allen Forte.
Dare will provide supportive resources like a curated library of short audios and videos, ThinkSheets, Slide Visuals, and One Thing Planning Templates as relevant.