Her Own Business

COVID-19 is reshuffling many industries, more so now than the Great Recession of 2008. With an unemployment rate of 15% and venture capital trends accelerating, whole new emerging markets and market leaders are being created. The disruption of education and increased emphasis on health and privacy has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves, but they must be strategic. Prior to the pandemic, surprising statistics for small businesses indicated that 78.5% survive their first year; business owners under 30 years of age are more likely to fail; the common reason for failure is that “the market” simply doesn’t need their products or services; 29% of businesses fail because they run out of cash. In this “new world”, what will you need to do to increase your odds for success?

Choosing to create your business around a service or product, selling online or opening a brick-and-mortar location are some of the few basic, but very important decisions women entrepreneurs must make when starting up. But before beginning any business plan, women entrepreneurs need to use individual data, artificial intelligence and human coaching to customize their business model around themselves and learn how to leverage their strengths to grow their business.

Program Overview:

  • Understand Post-COVID business trends and opportunities
  • Understand the pros and cons of selling products versus services
  • Learn how to grow quickly and create win-wins by leveraging business alliances
  • Learn how to access free business resources and funding

Successful Outcomes:

  • Identify specific business markets for potential products or services
  • Customize selling products and services around your timeline
  • Identify potential business alliances
  • Create an action plan to start your business