Her Self Connection

Generation Z’s through Baby Boomers are seeking to connect with self and experience a freedom that many yearn for. Her Self Connection will give you a heightened perspective of your purpose, your life, and teach you how to live authentically and free. In this program, you will spend time connecting with self and become happy unapologetically.

Program Overview:

  • Learn who self is from another perspective – the bigger picture.
  • Find who you are and discover your purpose.
  • Explore different ways of communicating with self, i.e., “self-talk”
  • Identify what your needs are and how to have them fulfilled
  • Use the skills and tools taught to manifest your best life
  • Prepare to change your thought processes in order to receive without fear
  • Assist in overhauling your life as you desire with confidence

Successful Outcomes:

  • Being reacclimated with self
  • Being able to ask and ask big
  • Manifesting the things you desire
  • Taking the limits off of self 
  • Knowing self as a source and a resource
  • Implementing a life design plan
  • Increased faith through using intuition
  • Confidence in self
  • Build self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Trusting the inner self even when things look bleak
  • Living a life of freedom unapologetically

Recommended Materials:

From the Heart of a Woman: Her Pain, Her Passion, Her Reality – one of the 5 books written by Cheron.