Her Sensible Budget

Our virtual curriculum for Her Financial Literacy has to be flexible enough to allow self-empowered women to learn at their own pace and explore specific areas of interest, yet structured enough to motivate them to keep up and stay challenged. 

Our financial coaches provide women with help to make the most of their paychecks and approach their financial choices with confidence. What a shift this can make in their day-to-day lives! 

                          Program Overview:

  • Build Personal Equity – understand how to map and make pathways to build equity
  • Financial Growth –  learn practical knowledge of financial security
  • Personal Financial Stability – develop self-sufficiency and sustainability
  • Exploring potential increase of earnings
  • Money Awareness – understanding of available resources
  • Budgeting, Savings – explore alternative resources to investments

                       Successful Outcomes:


  • How to become efficient and organized financially
  • How to personally understand and maximize total income to stay on track with budgeting
  • How to use resources for financial advantage and gain
  • Exposure to a diversity of perspectives from those who’ve faced and overcome similar personal and business challenges