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Begin your transformation with subject matter experts who can coach you in the areas of Business Strategy and Analysis, Career Development, Leadership Enhancement, Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Mindfulness as you connect with certified coaches, counselors and advisors.

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Her Career Catalyst hosted by Christine Horstman
Her Sensible Budget hosted by Kia Wells

The Future of Connection for Women

We as women are about defining our quality of life in wellness, lifestyle, and career through empowerment. Her Nexx Chapter is an inclusive community of women both in age and ethnicity. We focus on her need to be supported and uplifted whether she is a Baby Boomer, Gen X or a Millennial. 

Her Nexx Chapter’s membership is as diverse as the women, including business owners, students, entrepreneurs, female professionals, and stay-at-home moms. We provide virtual support and enrichment topics to meet her at the current chapter of her life and elevate her to the next.

When you choose to join a Virtual Program and find your Virtual Coach, you immediately tap into a “circle of support” – women who want to connect and know you personally, learn about your business and personal aspirations, and what they can do to help you succeed.     

How it Works

  1. Select Her Virtual Program Topic: Locate the topics you are here to explore. Perhaps career, entrepreneurship, leadership development, fitness and nutrition, or even self-discovery?
  2. Find Her Virtual Coach: Select life and certified business coaches, licensed therapists, medical professionals, counselors, therapists and more.
  3. Join Her Membership: Her Nexx Chapter builds and connects the missing bridge for her inner balance, peace, and self-assurance. Our organization helps women stimulate self-growth by connecting, mentoring, nurturing, and liberating with various membership levels to accommodate every stage of life.
  4. Begin the Immersion: We celebrate the creativity of women and create a safe judgment-free environment to express themselves. We guide and encourage her to flourish in her journey so she can live her best life, in all aspects.


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