Yoga Changes Your Mind

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My story with yoga began a few years back when the long hours of sitting in front of a computer finally caught up with me. I started reading about the effects of a sedentary life and I was horrified to learn that as I grow older, my body may become stiffer, filled with pain, and less mobile.

I witnessed both of my grandmothers becoming immobile during their last years of life, so I realize it’s not a future to accept without a fight. But I also know I don’t like the modern way of exercising – I am not the kind of girl to keep up with a diet or go to the gym every other day. I tried lots of times, but it never stuck.

But yoga exercises were different – they had meaning and worked a wonderful transformation within me. I wanted to share my history with yoga because I am not just talking from a scientific perspective – this practice resonates with my needs, and I’m hoping it will be of help to other women looking to understand their bodies.

The Flexibility

Yoga practices focus on strengthening the muscles and improving the flexibility of the connective tissues (joints and tendons) without using sheer force. You work on balance and everything has to come from a place of well-being.

You’re not in a war with the body; you learn to embrace it as is.

The Breathing Exercises

Yes, we all know how to breathe, but when is the last time you filled your lungs with air? Yoga practices are built around different types of breathing techniques that reduce stress and teach you about the power of being in the moment.

The Peace of Mind

Regardless of the negativity I bring to the mat, each time I complete a session I feel lighter and more at peace. Not to mention, I am always more focused and more prepared to face any problems that come my way.

I invite you to try yoga and explore the diverse culture with its rich practices. I dare you to be curious and hope you enjoy the transformation as I have.

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