Life After Cancer – be Happy Again

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You have finally beaten cancer. And for a while you feel awesome. Yet the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop is always foremost on your mind. However, there are certain things you can do to make the transition back to your pre-cancer, happy self.


This is one of the most important first steps. Realize that you have gone through a traumatic thing and survived. And know that you are not alone in surviving the dreadful cancer. Join a cancer survival group and share your feelings with other survivors. Volunteer at cancer centers and become hope for other cancer patients. Seeing you beat cancer can be inspirational for others in the fight.


Yoga and meditation helps to ease the mind. And they are also easy on the still-healing body. If exercise isn’t something you are in the mood for, how about going to the nearest park with a book. Go to a school play or listen to some music. Another good trick to divert your mind is joining online groups. But instead of a cancer group, why not join a writer’s group or a poetry writing club. Something different, something new will help boost the happiness pheromones.


Accepting what happened to you is the hardest thing to do. But it can help you to move on and start living. Understand that some people will see you as a cancer victim, but you are no longer that person. You are healthy and you have a life that needs living.

Jot down a bucket list of things you want to do. Even a “Things to do today” list will work in the beginning then stick with it. Very soon you will realize you are living the life you deserve. Being a cancer survivor isn’t a crime, and you have nothing to feel guilty about it. You just need to keep on living and making more memories.

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writerNilofer Taher is a published author, freelance writer, programmer, editor, graphic designer, digital marketing specialist and  solo-preneur. Cancer is a subject that is too close to home with two family members suffering the devastating effects. She hopes through her writing that other cancer patients and survivors will receive guidance and hope.