Part 2: Human Trafficking, what has and is being done to help end human trafficking/The Salvation Army and their ongoing fight against human trafficking

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Good News!

The modern anti-trafficking movement got its kick start with the adoption of the Palermo Protocol in 2000 and has grown substantially ever since. Governments have made and are continually making progress in passing and enforcing legislation criminalizing all forms of human trafficking by working with civil society and human trafficking survivors to strengthen victim protections at the policy and grassroots levels and taking prevention measures and raising public awareness about the dangers and signs of modern slavery.

Police officers and governmental officials instead of helping the victims of human trafficking have aided in their abuse. Thankfully though, things have improved and instead of working for the “Dark Side” these individuals are now collaborating with Anti-Human Trafficking and Legal Rights Advocates to help the victims and arrest and prosecute their abusers. Some governments are now encouraging transparency to help empower independent officials to investigate or report cases of official complicity in trafficking, as with anti-discrimination ombudsmen in Finland and France.

Dedicated anti-trafficking police units encourage the development of specialized skills among law enforcement and help to lessen broader corruption and complicity. Such units have been established in Chile, Cyprus, Ukraine, Thailand, and South Africa, to name a few. Conducting background checks and security clearances for members provides additional safeguards against them being involved in this evil activity.

Many trafficking laws also include provisions allowing for extra-territorial jurisdiction, allowing governments to investigate their citizens responsible for trafficking crimes abroad. For instance, in the United States, Portugal, Qatar, and Sweden, laws prohibiting sexual crimes against children have extra-territorial reach allowing for the prosecution of suspected child sex tourists who are those countries’ nationals for offenses committed while abroad.


Since the 19th century the Salvation Army has been combatting human trafficking. For more information please go to

Reference: Trafficking in Persons Report 2018:

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