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I have always enjoyed cooking for my family and eating our meals at home. Then two years ago I would cook on the weekdays and we’d eat from restaurants over the weekend. It wasn’t uncommon for my family to eat fast food when I ran out of home-cooked food. But after discovering what actually goes into fast foods, I decided to cook more at home. I found many benefits of home cooking: 

1) Total control of the food you eat: When you cook for yourself or family you make sure you put the best ingredients in your meals. You have total control over what is in your food and you decide how much salt or sugar to add, the types of fats and carbohydrates, whether it’s sweet or spicy, etc.

2) Knowledge of the food: Food is not just for taste and filling up your stomach; it can heal or cause sickness or pain. When you cook you learn which foods have more nutrients, vitamins and minerals and which don’t. 

3) Saves money: You can save money by cooking sustainably, by buying local produce so you don’t have to pay for transporting products from around the country or the world. 

You may think you are saving time and money by dining out, but if you actually track your receipts you’ll see the money saved by cooking at home.

4) Mindful cooking and eating:. When you cook your own meals, look at the color and smell of the foods and how they change as you add heat, oil, spices or water. The whole experience of preparing your own meals leads to appreciation of the food you will consume.

5) Supports a healthy lifestyle: Cooking your own meals can give a kick-start to a healthy lifestyle. By learning healthful recipes, discovering new foods, and sticking to a plan, it can inspire you and your entire family to live a healthier lifestyle.

6) Family bonding: When you cook for your family, add your love and a prayer which will transfer through your food into their bodies and souls. Teach your children about the importance of food and nutrients; teaching them how to cook is the best gift you can give.

7) Keep it simple: Keep your meals simple and ensure you have healthy organic foods without pesticides in your home. Try using different methods like sautéing, baking or roasting.

I look at cooking as a simple project in which planning and preparation are very important.

Take simple actions like:

  • Plan and do your grocery shopping
  • Prepare by chopping, rinsing, soaking the vegetables or grains
  • Cook or eat vegetables raw in a salad
  • And finally, enjoy your meal achievement!

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