How to Heal Ourselves

May 30, 2019 | 0 comments

“Energy is the foundation of physical and emotional health.”

~ Donna Eden

Topics like vibrational medicine, energy therapy, psychic healing or spiritual medicine aren’t often heard when discussing mental health but rather by your one friend who somehow always smells like sage. These forms of spiritual healing vary from faith healing which is understood within a traditional religious context. Recently all of these pseudo-sciences have been growing in popularity and have one similar belief: that changing one’s energy can heal or affect positive results; this remains true for one’s mental health as well as physical. The motivation behind improving one’s individual energy is the desire to improve their quality of life, prolong life, boost the immune system and improve the efficacy of conventional medical treatments.

Our mental, cognitive, emotional and behavioral functions all have energetic components. Therefore, changing the energy that keeps these functions in place changes the condition itself. For example, someone who suffers from depression has negative thinking patterns and the energy toward positive thoughts is weak. Thoughts are energy; the more we think a thought, the more energy we give to it, and the vibrationally denser it becomes. A thought given a continuous amount of energy will eventually affect the frequencies of the body’s energy field. Eventually the thought will manifest into our “3D” reality which we generally know with our five senses.

To counter existing negative relationships and improve energy, replace negative thoughts with positive self-love words and beliefs. For example, ending each day saying, “Today I tried my best” will affect the cognitive reconstruction from negative to positive energy. One can also practice affirmations while meditating, creating positive energy from within.

Energy healing is a great alternative to improve not only mental health but to avoid the side effects of conventional medication. Energy medicine has existed and worked in many forms for thousands of years, and it still can’t entirely be explained. Skepticism is natural and even healthy to a point, but let’s be practical and open-minded to new things to improve ourselves!

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