Beyond Talk Therapy: 3 Options to Try

Jun 4, 2019 | 2 comments

Therapy is a powerful tool for change, but it may not always look like you expect. If you want to do more than talk through your issues with a counselor, here are three other therapy paths to explore.

Creative Arts Therapy

We all recognize the healing power of creativity. Certified art therapists take it to the next level. They’re trained in both art and therapy, and they can guide you in using art to communicate what words alone can’t express. It doesn’t matter if you can barely draw a stick figure—it’s all about the process, not about creating masterpieces.

Music therapists and dance/movement therapists also help you use creative expression as a path toward healing. They aren’t as plentiful as art therapists, but you’ll find a few in larger cities.


Do you ever wish you could get your mind off its hamster wheel and just slow down? Neurofeedback helps you do that by teaching you to shift your brain-wave patterns. Sessions include immediate feedback that lets you know whether you’re making the shift correctly.

Neurofeedback is a form of an older technique called biofeedback. It’s especially helpful for people who struggle with insomnia or have trouble relaxing.


EMDR has helped countless trauma survivors reclaim their lives. It’s well known as a treatment for combat veterans, but it works with less severe traumas, too.

The abbreviation stands for “eye movement desensitization response.” Guided by a therapist, you’ll briefly recall traumatic events while moving your eyes back and forth in a set pattern. (Some therapists use other methods, such as audio tones or electrical stimulation.) Your therapist carefully monitors your responses to ensure you’re not overloaded. Over time the memories become less intense and crippling.

Getting Started

Not every treatment works for everyone. Do your own research and decide what fits you best.

Whichever option you try, find a well-trained therapist, be sure you click with them, and keep an open mind. New techniques may take getting used to, but they can help you make huge strides in your healing journey.

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