Time to Go?: Considering the Job Switch

Jul 16, 2019 | 0 comments

In a recent post, I encouraged you to consider the pros and cons if you are ready to call it quits in your current job. After moving across states and through industries and positions, I realized that at times, there might be more value in staying with one organization than bunny-hopping through your career. Does this mean you should hunker down and put in some hard time? Only you can be certain when it’s time to go. What I do know is that you can also gain value from working in different positions, organizations, and environments. 

My job changes gave me insights and taught me lessons that prepared me to be the professional that I am today. Through my varied experiences, I matured, survived toxic environments, worked with talented colleagues, mentored young professionals, learned how to navigate office politics, walked away from one career, started another, and thrived. In addition to my own development, I have also been able to observe modes of operations and contribute this knowledge as I enter new roles and organizations. Diversity in your work experience allows you to see things differently than those who have been in the organization for a long time.

In addition to fresh perspectives, a wide range of work experiences allows you to develop valuable skills that you can bring to your next employer. Depending on your profession, changing positions and industries could be a quicker way to advance your career and increase your salary. It has been my experience when you have been at an organization for a long time. Likewise, it can be better to take a risk and seek this advancement from a new company rather than waiting decades for a position to become available. These are only a few of the benefits that I have experienced and/or observed throughout my professional journey. 

So, should you stay, or should you go? Whether you stay in one place for years or move around will depend on your situation and goals. Above all, once you have weighed your pros and cons, do not be afraid to act. If moving around is right for you—get moving!

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