ThetaHealing: A Personal Growth Modality

Jul 17, 2019 | 5 comments

From time to time everyone feels stuck. It can happen in your personal life, relating to your profession, or any number of things going on around you. In these moments it is important to find a way to reclaim your productivity. ThetaHealing practices can be a great way to jump start this process. 

As a ThetaHealing practitioner, the central goal is to bring out the best in all people by focusing on meditation and the connectedness of spirituality. This technique is especially helpful for individuals facing some kind of transition in their life. ThetaHealing is a technique that makes use of both science and spirituality with the purpose of transforming individuals by alleviating “deeply held blocks, negative beliefs, and trauma” which exist in the unconscious mind.

The way that we view the world has a profound impact on the way we navigate life and all that it entails. Our beliefs play a larger role than you may think. ThetaHealing can help to shape your beliefs in such a way that the things holding you back which may be found in your unconscious can be addressed.

Change can be overwhelming and by focusing on self-love and acceptance during any period of transition, ThetaHealing works to shape change into something that doesn’t need to be feared. By helping women embrace change and find their strength, I am able to identify shifts that need to be made in order to maximize their full capacity and productivity.

In addition to being a ThetaHealing practitioner, I help women transition in three major spheres: corporate, family and personal growth. ThetaHealing is one of the modalities for personal change that I really enjoy as I’m able to see transformation occur at a deeper level.

Our Her Nexx Chapter Community invites you to join us where women are connecting with each other’s stories, exploring different experiences, and transforming ideas.

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