I love to walk with my dog first thing in the morning; it’s like meditation to me. I stroll along looking at nature, listening to the birds and I contemplate my day. This particular morning I was considering a new program I am planning, when a very quiet voice whispered to me, “They’ll never let you do it!”

I suddenly felt deflated!

Then I asked myself, “Who? Who wouldn’t let me do it?”

There was no one I needed permission from so whose voice was I hearing? Mine!

What was happening, why was I doing this to myself? I continued my walk and shifted my contemplation to this new awareness and soon realized this message had been playing in the background of my mind for years. As a child I used to dream up all kinds of fantasies of how I could make money and be famous, but then I would do nothing because I didn’t believe my parents would let me follow through with my schemes and dreams. I would tell myself, “They’ll never let you do it!” 

This is when this little message of self-sabotage began. 

Without my realizing it, this message, fondly known by myself and my fellow iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) colleagues as the “gremlin message,” has been running in the background of my mind for my entire life!

The good news is, as a coach, I know how to turn this around. I needed to replace this unhelpful message that is keeping me from accomplishing my dreams with a new, more empowering message that will support me in creating the life I want to live.

We all have these gremlin messages running in the back of our minds. When you are contemplating what you want to achieve next in life pay attention to the little voice in your head.

Is it supporting you?

Are you waiting for permission?

Be your own fairy godmother – permission to move forward is granted.


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Sarah Bell is a Certified Transformation Coach who founded Bell’s Breakthrough Coaching where she teaches women through one-on-one and group coaching how to harness their power to create what they want to manifest in their lives. She focuses on women in midlife transition, assisting them to gain balance and secure happiness in their lives. Sarah started her coaching practice as an extension of her nursing career, recognizing how women encounter the same struggles as nurse leaders.
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