The 3 Basic Rules of Healthy Skin

Nov 5, 2019 | 1 comment

Did you know that November is National Healthy Skin Month? We think it’s the perfect time to talk about keeping our faces smooth, clear, and wrinkle-free. Even if you think you have your skincare routine down pat, take a moment to see if you’re following these three essential steps. One small change can sometimes make all the difference.

Healthy Skin Rule 1. Retinol for all

If you’re not already using a retinol product (whether a prescription like Retin-A or an over-the-counter version), start now. This form of Vitamin A is beloved by beauty editors and dermatologists because it speeds up the rate that your skin cells naturally shed, revealing the younger, less-damaged ones beneath. If you have health insurance, you may benefit from using a prescription product (generic works just fine). If not, or if it’s not covered, try an affordable brand like The Ordinary, available at Sephora. One caveat with retinols: the extra exfoliation can sometimes lead to redness and peeling, so start with the lowest concentration, use it every other night, and moisturize like crazy.

Healthy Skin Rule 2. Sunscreen every day

Everyone who uses retinol should be using sunscreen every day to protect those sensitive new cells from the sun. You know who else needs to use sunscreen every day? Literally everyone! There is only one product on the market that can truly prevent aging, and it’s not a $100 serum or $200 night cream – it’s sunscreen. Sun exposure is the main factor that ages skin, so rather than spend your entire skincare budget on pricy creams, just stock up on a good sunblock and wear it daily. If you break out from drugstore brands, treat yourself to a dermatologist-approved brand like Elta MD or Revision Skincare. They offer tinted formulas, chemical-free formulas, fragrance-free formulas, and many other options to suit every need.

Healthy Skin Rule 3. Remove Your Makeup Better

You never go to bed with your makeup on, so you can skip reading this one, right? Well, wrong. Most face cleansers don’t completely remove your makeup, which can lead to pore-clogging residue being left on your face. Double-cleansing (using an oil-based cleanser first, followed by a second lather with your regular face wash) can do the trick for many women. Others prefer using a makeup wipe or a remover-soaked cotton pad so that they can physically see when there’s no residue left on their faces. A third (and more high-tech, eco-friendly) option is to use a plush makeup-removing cloth, like the Mitty from Take My Face Off. These reusable products are extremely soft and easily swipe away makeup using only water (really, even eye makeup, we swear). Just rinse them and leave them to dry overnight. You’ll be saying goodbye to cotton ball waste and you no longer have to travel with makeup remover that could spill in your bag. Most importantly, you’ll ensure your makeup is completely off at the end of each day, which means waking up to healthy skin (a win-win!)

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