In Search of Purpose

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As the calendar has turned to a new year and a new decade, you might find yourself feeling a bit introspective. When that happens, questions may arise such as “What is my purpose?” or “Why was I born?” We each have talents or gifts to use to serve others and be an example of love and light to those we encounter. However, somewhere down the line as we grow and experience life our purpose can become clouded or thrown off track. 

Purpose Lost

How does one lose their purpose? Daily we are bombarded with media and advertisements. Now we have the amazing convenience of viewing ads and the ability to purchase items in the palms of our hands. Look around, and you see people of all ages, especially children, staring at a screen. No wonder we have all lost our purpose or never even realized it! We have stopped being in tune with our own selves, our bodies, often striving to be someone we are not. So how do we find our way back to discovery of our purpose?

Steps to Finding Your Purpose

1. Carve out some quiet time each day. Take time for reflection, reading, prayer or meditation. Pick up a good book, not a self-help book, and read a chapter or two. Allow yourself to be transported to a different place and use your imagination. This is a perfect time to shut out the world and stop all the messages playing in your head. Especially in today’s world I feel it is very important to be alone with yourself, your thoughts, your dreams, your life at least once a day.

2. Ask yourself what are you really and truly interested in? What could you sit down and talk about for hours? What gets you excited to think about? This revelation is who you authentically are as well as the gifts and talents you possess.

3. Consider how you can use these gifts or your interests to serve others. Explore how your gift can affect the community around you. 

4. Enhance your growth in that purpose or interest. Focus on that one thing and become excellent in that one thing, not good or average at several things. 

5. Act on it! Take action toward your interest. Do not allow the nay-sayers or negative people to steer you away. Most of the time, they are projecting their own fear on you. Often they wish they could do the same thing, but they have allowed fear to stop them in their tracks. Be bold. Take a chance and see what happens. Create opportunities to make a difference.

Here’s to a new year and the pursuit of your purpose!

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