The Magic of Meraki

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Standing on the ocean shore of life, I could always look out over the vast horizon and see my Magical Island of Meraki. Ah, “What is Meraki?” you ask. To me it is one of the most beautiful words in the world. If you are Greek, like me, you know. If you are not familiar with the word, let me introduce you to its breadth. “Meraki” [may-rah-kee] is when you pour the essence of your soul, your creativity and your love into something. Before you read on, I want you to understand the depth of this word. Close your eyes and feel the essence of who you are. Imagine that essence being poured out of you onto a canvas, a piano, your writing, your speeches, your children. You pour your essence into something to touch others, to awaken a vibration in them. Feel the spirit…the passion…the emotion of that.

Have you ever stood on the ocean shore and gazed at the horizon? Breathing in the beauty and peace of its vastness? You can feel the walls of your heart expand as anxiety and stress are released. It is here you sense the raw openness of your heart once again, the heart you had as a child. Wild, free, forgiving. You actually tune into the frequency of this beauty, you let your mind go…and you begin to feel the Magic of Meraki. You can see it, can’t you? Your Magical Island of Meraki? Then, boom, in a flash it disappears. You touched it, you just had it, you simply forgot how to hold on to it. The voices of the past start to bombard your mind: “You’re not good enough.” “You’re ugly and stupid.” “Don’t be so foolish to think you could.” All those self-limiting beliefs arrest that moment of higher vibration and in an instant, it’s gone. You’ve lost touch with that beautiful frequency. It’s like being spellbound and the spell gets broken. Yet you know this is not a spell; it’s a calling. 

I found my magical place of Meraki one time prior in life, and I walked off the ledge and began to forge ahead on my path. About ten years in, the voices surfaced, those voices of self-limiting beliefs. I let the voices overpower who I was really meant to be. It has taken me decades to return to my path. Don’t let it take decades to return to yours.

I want you to know that when you find your Meraki, you will touch the lives of others on a much deeper level, and they will touch yours. Because when you up your vibration and pour the essence of who you are into something, you are helping those at a lower vibration feel the frequency of your love, a higher vibration. When you lift your vibration, you lift the vibration of all in the world and the world itself. 

The Magic of Meraki is finding who we are truly meant to be. Follow it, embrace it, hold onto it…send it out to the world.  

See you on the ocean shore.

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