Are You Living Your Authentic Blueprint – Human Design and the Self-Discovery Journey

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While some technical components make you successful, some are intertwined with your authentic self. Sometimes we are under the impression that we are aligned with who we are, but in reality, we are acting from a place of conditioning of our environment or our upbringing. To reach success, and not just monetary success, but success at honoring who we are here to be, we need to peel all the layers which are not us and identify our blueprint.

I will be sharing a tool that transformed my life – Human Design. There are many personality assessment tests out there, but human design is more than that. Human design is the science of differentiation. That means it studies the ways we as humans are different. It combines ancient and modern sciences and has been proven to be a tool that provides self-awareness and helps within one’s self-discovery journey. Human Design gave me permission to be and trust myself and throw away all of the success formulas that were pushed upon me by my environment.  

People say all the time to be authentic and things will come to you, but what if you are being authentic to your upbringing and not to who you are here to be? How do you determine if your authenticity is yours or if it is a creation of your environment?

For the longest time, I thought I was being authentic and was doing all the things that would make me successful. I was following a formula that was given to me by my environment, yet it felt so hard, and I was overwhelmed. Did I reach success? Yes, but only to find out that this version of success wasn’t even important to me. It was society’s meaning of success.

Human Design is a powerful discovery tool; it is your blueprint of who you are here to be. It reveals your strengths, your potential weaknesses, your gifts, your talents, and how to interact with others. When you are aligned with who you are here to be it is very simple to reach your version of success. Things flow naturally because you are following what is aligned with your true essence.  

Human Design shows you how to have great relationships, how to stay healthy, how to find your purpose, how to run a business that is aligned with what’s important to you, and how to stay creative and feel fulfilled. Human Design provides you with your authentic code. Your design is unique, and nobody else is like you. So how does this work? Without getting into the technicalities, Human Design can pinpoint the areas where you have been conditioned by your upbringing and environment. Identifying areas where you have been conditioned are key, as it creates an awareness of things to let go of or stop engaging with.

There are five archetypes in Human Design, which break the population into these five groups. This is only scratching the surface as Human Design goes much deeper. The five groups are: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Each type has a specific strategy and way to engage with others. 

Generators are here to do the work they love and should only engage in projects, people, or experiences which make them feel good. Most often they may engage with anything that comes their way because they feel the opportunity will not present itself again. This is an incorrect way of engaging with projects, jobs, people, or experiences, as they will only leave feeling frustrated. 

Manifesting Generators are speedy creators, they can do things faster than anyone and can find shortcuts to processes or ways of working. They should delegate the mundane, step-by-step processes, so they can move quickly and remain in their creative flow.

Projectors are here to guide others; they can see and solve problems. They need to be invited to engage correctly; if they impose and try to give advice or guide others, they will be rejected. When they allow the correct people to invite them, they will have an impact and will feel fulfilled. 

Manifestors’ strategy is to inform before they act. They have an impact on others just by being around them. When they do not inform others of what they are thinking or ideas they want to bring to life, others will be surprised as they did not see this coming, and they will not engage with them. When they inform and allow others to work on their ideas, they will feel at peace and fulfilled. 

Reflectors are the evaluators of an environment. They need to be in the right environment (city, home, office) to engage correctly. They are here to sample all the energetics of the other designs through the lunar cycle. They are here to reflect. 

Human Design revealed to me how I was acting from a place of Not-Self (in human design, “not self” means not being aligned with who you truly are). As a Projector, I can guide others and give them advice, but when not invited, people will not listen to what I have to say because they are not ready to hear my message. Understanding that I was acting from a place of Not-Self was key to me because I used to invite myself into conversations and would give unsolicited advice. This would upset me as others would not listen to what I had to say. It would leave me feeling ignored and irritated. Once I learned that I had to be invited to give advice, this changed how I engaged with others. It allowed me to create space for those who were ready to hear my advice and listen to what I had to say. These people came to me without me even looking for them. I engaged correctly with them, and things started to flow organically and easily.  

Do you know if you are being authentic to who you are here to be or if you are being authentic to your environment? Do you know your authentic code? 

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