Take a Hometown Staycation: Finding New Discoveries in Your Own Backyard

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What is a Staycation? Instead of going out of town or traveling, you stay home and visit local attractions in your area. Your cities and suburbs offer an array of fun places to go and things to do.

Staycations allow you to make the most of your time off whether it’s a week or a few days. You will save money because you’re not booking out-of-town travel. You will also minimize the hassles of pandemic-related travel restrictions.

Staycation ideas

Below are 6 Staycation ideas to put you on the right track. Consider these and other adventures that might pique your interest.

Plan a picnic and some laughs

Fill up a picnic basket with your favorite beverages and treats and plan a picnic at your local park.  Afterwards, check out a local comedy club for some laughs.

Go to the zoo

Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? It’s relaxing to see animals in their habitat, and fun to see kids squeal with excitement when they see polar bears splash into a frigid pool. And as an added benefit, you’ll get some exercise as you walk to visit the different exhibits.

Unwind at a luxury hotel

Book a 5-star hotel with a balcony overlooking the beach or whatever relaxing view you prefer. Schedule a massage and take advantage of their other amenities such as the pool, sauna and workout room. Then treat yourself to a delicious dinner via room service. 

Need a history refresh?

Most cities have art museums and other historical landmarks you can visit. Or if you’re a brave thrill-seeker, consider touring a haunted house. Not sure where they are? Check out your local visitors’ information center to find those adventures that intrigue and excite you. Grab some free brochures to take home and make the decisions a family affair.

Grab a fishing rod

Someone once said fishing is a good excuse to be lazy. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a win, win situation. You’ll benefit from the calmness of being on the water, and if you’re lucky, you’ll take home some fish to make a tasty meal as well. 

Hit the road

Road trips are a great escape. Fill up the cooler, gas up the car, and plan a trip to see the best places in your local area or outside your neighborhood. You get to travel at your own pace and plan for stops of interest along the way.  

If the weather permits, locate the nearest beach to build sandcastles with the kiddies, walk along the shore, or just kick back and read a good book.

Mental health benefits of Staycations 

According to the ScienceDaily website, studies have shown time away from work have both psychological and physical health benefits. These include stress reduction, lowered risk for heart attacks, improved productivity and better sleep. Time off work makes you feel good, live happier, and it decreases burnout.

Why should you schedule a Staycation?

Americans work more than people in any country in the industrialized world, but we take less vacations, work longer hours and retire later in life. All of this simply means we are stressed.  

So, make plans to see some lions, and tigers and bears, oh my. Visit a winery or take flight in a hot air balloon in the sky. Bask in the sun and dig your toes in the sand. You should consider the many benefits of a Staycation, the next time you make vacation plans.

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