The Importance of Helping Others on This International Day of Charity

Sep 5, 2021 | 0 comments

This date is a very important and special day to observe the importance of helping others. The United Nations declared September 5th to be International Day of Charity. Doing some charity work and volunteering is very essential. There are so many underprivileged people in the world and being able to give a hand to any case you are passionate about is fulfilling. This date brings a lot of awareness and encourages people to talk about the humanitarian crisis. 

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the selfless missionary and nun who devoted her life to helping the poor and sick, passed away on September 5. International Day of Charity commemorates that anniversary and the work that began in 1948 with Mother Teresa’s outreach helping the poor. With the attention and recognition of others, she was able to operate around 600 missions in 120 countries. Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize for her significant work in overcoming poverty in the world. 

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Helping others is a good thing not just society but for ourselves. I have definitely grown more as a person by volunteering and being an activist. My passion for helping people, especially people of color, has led me to be the person I am today: someone who is not afraid of speaking for the marginalized, an open-minded person and a good researcher. 

Getting involved and helping a charity can mean a lot of things, and it’s more than just giving money. You can use your voice on social media, you can use your free time going to a shelter and even donating blood is a charitable deed. Anything helps, and I hope you can think of a good way to help those in need. I will be going to a pet shelter and donating some food and toys. How are you getting involved this Sunday? 

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