Dr. Yeni: Relieving Pelvic Pain with Physical Therapy and Ensuring Her Patients Feel Heard

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As we get closer to RED ALERT! A Conversation About HER Health, we are pleased to introduce Dr. Oluwayeni Abraham — more fondly known as Dr. Yeni — founder of Triggered, a pelvic physical therapy center in North Texas aimed at “healing the pain that limits [women] from living their best life.”

Triggered was born, among other things, out of Dr. Yeni’s frustration with what she could do for patients within the hospital system.

Triggered came from feeling professionally frustrated and limited in what I could do for my patients [within the hospital system] and personally seeing a huge opportunity for women to be treated holistically and to be heard,” she said. “I also wanted to ensure that I’d be taking care of the advocacy piece. Sometimes patients have frustration, but no one is there to advocate for them.” In 2019, she channeled this frustration into Triggered and has helped countless women since with pelvic physical therapy specializing in chronic pelvic pain, infertility and other concerns using a whole-of-body approach.

Clinically, Dr. Yeni’s practice is set apart by her unique gyno-visceral manipulation techniques, though it also stands out for its focus on transparency, inclusivity and making patients feel heard. “Within healthcare, people are often misinterpreted when they talk about pain or frustration with their health and labeled as ‘the person that complains,’” Dr. Yeni said. Through her work at Triggered and beyond, she seeks to challenge this, including by standing up against marginalization and bias. Part of this, she said, is making sure patients are referred to trusted, vetted providers that the practice can vouch for.

When I asked her to share her advice for women who may be struggling with health issues, she said, “Never undermine what you’re going through. Seek help and take it seriously.” In her experience, women often struggle with urgency when it comes to tending to their own needs. “I often see women waiting too long to seek out care and putting things off,” she said. “Honestly, it’s never too late, but by the time they seek out care, it’s affecting the quality of their lives and multiple aspects of their lives, resulting in immediate, urgent need.”

Fortunately, Dr. Yeni is here to support. She offers remote consultations for those not in the area and her office is available to treat patients at Triggered’s main location in Arlington and their satellite location in Frisco. Dr. Yeni is also an educator and will soon launch courses for people seeking to learn more about reproductive health.

Dr. Yeni shared more about her work with pelvic therapy as part of a Holistic, Alternative Healing & Wellness Panel, and she would like to personally invite you to watch RED ALERT! A Conversation about HER Health. This virtual summit about uterine fibroids and the women whose lives they impact is based on the upcoming documentary Red Alert: The Fight Against Fibroids directed by Erica L. Taylor. You won’t want to miss this!


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