Celebrating the Love of Your Fiercest Protector and Defender: Your Sister, Your Friend

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Having a sisterly bond can be one of the most challenging and rewarding relationships you could ever have in your life. Having a sister is very special and important – think about all the movies and stories about sisters (the most famous example I can think of at the moment is Frozen). Whether or not she’s blood-related, your sister is your best friend. You may get along amazingly, and you may get on each other’s last nerves constantly, but you will always be sisters.

Personally, I did not have the best relationship with my sister while we were growing up. As loving and kind as she was, she was equally harsh and ruthless. She gave me tough love just as she coddled me (think Nani and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch). Being the youngest sister myself, she always introduced me as her “Mini-me.” Our mother often dressed us identically, even though we were not twins. Her reason was that my older sister was jealous and wanted everything the same, which I find amusing because eventually, she was the one who wanted everything different. Regardless, we always had similar interests, such as the movies we watched, the music we liked, the books we read, and even the subjects that interested us like writing and history. More often than not, we were also equally hot-headed and short-tempered.

Despite the ups and downs of our relationship as children, I always looked up to her and followed in her footsteps as much as possible. As much as I wanted to be my own person, I wanted to be strong and fierce like her. She was my fiercest protector and defender. She was my harshest critic; yet her opinion mattered the most to me. She would be the one I would turn to for anything. I would share all my secrets and biggest dreams with her. Because even though we butted heads a lot, we somehow always found balance in our relationship.

As we got older, I soon learned that her cruelest moments were the times she didn’t know how to express her worry because of how much she loved her siblings and didn’t want anything happening to us. While we still get into arguments and disagreements, we understand each other and try to come to some form of agreement, knowing that the fight will not be the end of our lifelong bond.

One of my fondest memories with her is from my 17th birthday. I opened my gifts at the end of the night, and my parents and sister gave me their gifts last. From what I recall, our guests had already left so it was only our family of five. Her gift started with a beautiful card detailing how much she loved me. The real tear-jerker for me was a custom-engraved snow globe, where on the inside of the globe it said something like “Sisters, sharing laughter, sharing tears.” I immediately burst into tears and hugged my sister.

One of her fondest memories was actually from my Quinceañera. She and my cousin had been escorting me around our home, the church, and lastly the venue taking photos to immortalize the party. They had me doing all kinds of poses and despite my introverted nature and camera-shyness, they managed to make it a lot of fun. Seeing me enjoy the photo sessions made my sister happy, and we all had fun.

Sisters make you laugh and cry; they can drive you nuts and be your support during your toughest times. Sisters will always be there for you. So, take today to celebrate with your sister or sisters! Reminisce over old times and new memories. Spend some time with them by going out to your favorite place to eat together, see that movie or show you both love or simply do whatever your favorite activity is as sisters. And if you and your sister are not in the best spot at this time, don’t worry, you can always use today (or any day for that matter) to reach out. Have a joyful National Sisters Day!

I love you, Sis, and I always want the best for you.

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