National Black Girl Magic Day and the Women Who Shaped This for Me

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What does Black Girl Magic really mean? Looking at my life I would definitely say, yes I am a girl, but magical not so much, at least that’s what I thought. Today the term #blackgirlmagic is used to show the resilience most Black women have needed to face a world that isn’t as fair to us. I was fortunate to grow up in Kenya, an African country full of Black Girl Magic because the community for me rests well within my roots. When I think of resilience I think of my grandmother who unfortunately passed away last year, my mom who soldiers every day for us, and my sister although younger than me who holds a lot of wisdom.

My grandmother had 7 children and although I didn’t get to meet all of my uncles I know enough about my grandmother from those I did. She was always happy and would always welcome you with food as is typical in an African home, and you obviously couldn’t leave without carrying something from the ‘Shamba’ (Swahili word for “farm”). What I never saw was the pain of losing her husband nearly 30 years ago and having to provide for her family, or the challenges she must have faced raising 7 kids by herself at a time when resources were scarce, and, of course, losing some of her children along the way. I admire her for her capacity to love and care for people even when it’s not so easy.

My mom hasn’t always been forthright about the problems she goes through, and it makes sense as to why; I was a child for the better part that she’s known me. Ever since my dad passed away, the burden fell on her somewhat to hold the family together. Literally, it takes the strength of a woman because if not her who else would do what she feels needs to be done? She wakes up every day and tells us, “What I do now is meant to help prepare and safeguard your tomorrow” because for her we are what keeps her going. I admire my mom’s resilience because the journey hasn’t been easy but she still shows up, ever so present to listen to our needs. A mother’s love can and has moved mountains for our benefit.

My sister can be silly sometimes and very fussy as is typical of last-born children, but she’s been my best friend without me even realizing it. I have had some terrible days dealing with inconsiderate clients at times and very unkind bosses too, but when I get home she’s been the one to bring me back to my senses, bringing me back to my purpose. I admire her for knowing just how to be there for me and my needs at different times. She has been present in most of my life actually, and I am blessed to have had that.

I have been fortunate to have been surrounded by very strong, resilient and present figures in my life, and I draw my magic from them. I am who I am because of who they taught me to be.

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