A Foodie Reminisces Over Family Recipes that Fuel Her Passion on National Cooking Day

Sep 25, 2023 | Main Blog | 0 comments

Spicy Vodka Pasta, Charred Burgers, Chicken with Mixed Greens, and a side of warm Brussels Sprouts! All of these make my mouth water, and why wouldn’t they? They are exquisite meals with many different spices and flavors. As you can tell by my mere excitement around the foods I have listed, I’m a great bit of a foodie; some may even say I dabble in the art of cooking, mastering reading and executing a recipe well. So, I thought I would share a little about my love of food and cooking on National Cooking Day!

I have always had a deep love for all things food, which includes cooking and baking. I’m unsure if it’s because of how I was raised or because I am a Taurus. I know for sure I can attribute a big part of my love for food and cooking to my late grandmother, whom I affectionately called “Goody.” Goody could cook anything and everything from chicken wings, Brussels sprouts, Cajun pasta, meatloaf, and the best pound cake you’ve ever had. I remember Christmas mornings helping her in the kitchen, or even afternoons when I was younger, cheesing from ear to ear when she asked me to be her kitchen helper and taste tester. I am almost certain this fueled my passion to become a foodie and instilled my love for cooking. It was all Goody.

My love for cooking has truly grown as the years have gone by. During COVID, being stuck in the house, my extra free time turned to a love for cooking and the kitchen. Every other day, you could find me in there whipping up a new recipe I found on TikTok and knew I just HAD to try. And almost every single one hit the spot! This love of cooking and food continued into college, particularly when I moved into my own apartment with a kitchen. I love starting my week by searching for a new recipe I can make or a sweet treat I can try and whip up or discover something new I have never tried before. I have made so many new things in college that I would have never come across without my passion for food and cooking. I have made quesadillas, Greek chicken bowls, taco bowls, Thai lettuce wraps, etc.

I have always loved trying new foods and cooking different foods as treats for many reasons. Cooking is, for sure, an outlet I use for stress relief. What better way to get rid of a headache than to make a bomb bowl of Cajun shrimp alfredo? Not to mention where my true love of cooking originated, with my late grandmother Goody. I “pen” this love letter of food on National Cooking Day to encourage you to try a new restaurant, cook a new dish, and sample a sweet treat. Food has always been an outlet for me, one which always boosts my serotonin, and I know it will boost yours, too. Get to cooking!!

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