Making a Global Impact with Your Morning Coffee

Nov 29, 2023 | Featured, Main Blog | 0 comments

After hitting the snooze button on my alarm a couple of times, I make my way down the stairs in the dark. If I had any thought to preplan the night before, my mocha pot should be clean and ready for fresh ground espresso. The whirring blades are like nails on a chalkboard. It sometimes feels too early to use the grinder, but it’s worth it to have my morning latte when I’m settled at my desk. It’s not fancy, however knowing that every morning cup I drink, I’m giving back to a cause I care about.

One coffee company I have been supporting lately is Seven Weeks Coffee. They donate 10% of every sale to over 650 pro-life organizations across the country. This helps keep pregnancy care centers filled with the resources needed for expectant mothers. Not only is Seven Weeks impacting human life with the end product, but also at the beginning. As their website points out, “From farm to cup we are transforming the coffee industry by creating a supply chain that uplifts people before profits.” They use direct trade to make sure farmers are receiving honest wages from their own organic crops. With a good variety of pesticide- and mold-free coffee bean options, you can find your new favorite coffee bean and support a cause you care about.

Another way to support a life-giving coffee company is by buying from Promised Grounds. When ordering one of their five coffee blends or single-origin beans, you are supporting their partnership with mission organizations that fund clean water for those in need around the world. Although they are passionate about their mission, they are equally passionate about how they get their beans. Through their nontraditional procurement process, they make sure they are in direct contact with the organic farmers, complete regular audits to keep out “unseemly conditions and behaviors [that] have found their way into this industry in the past” and pride themselves on an honest supply chain. You can feel good about supporting a company that is not only reducing the impact of plastic water bottles often found on the international mission field, but also supporting local roasteries in the United States.

Founded and owned by veterans, Salty Sailor Coffee Co. wants their coffee to make an impact on the consumer and on the Navy and Marine communities. Their motto, “Drink Coffee & Do Good,” begins with an adventurous approach to coffee. They have traveled the world for new origins of beans while “ensuring [their] coffee is sustainably grown and ethically sourced.” Once their blends are roasted and flavored, every item sold gives back 10% to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. The non-profit organization provides support and resources to those in the Marines or Navy and their families facing challenges. Just one look at their branding and mission, you know you are making a difference to local heroes and far away communities.

Your favorite coffee drink can mean much more than a generic brand you buy off of the store shelves. As people start becoming more conscientious of where their dollar goes and what corporations they are supporting, switching from a familiar coffee company can be a much smoother switch than you expect. Especially when you find a quality coffee company that also supports a non-profit that aligns with your values.

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