Celebrating International Tea Day: What Goodness is Steeping in Your Cup?

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Originating from England, a cup of tea is a staple in my daily life. I prefer hot black tea with milk and sugar. There are several varieties of tea available, such as green, white, herbal, oolong, and pu’erh tea, among others. They serve different purposes, including medicinal properties.

International Tea Day helps raise awareness about tea’s history and rich cultural and economic significance worldwide. While calling for the sustainable production and consumption of tea, it highlights the impact on farmers and workers who have been a part of the tea trade, traced back to China before it made its way to the United Kingdom in the 17th century. This day has been celebrated since 2005, but a second International Tea Day was introduced in 2019 by the United Nations on May 21. The British National Tea Day is celebrated on April 21.

For someone who loves her cup of tea, celebrating Tea Day more than once a year is awesome! Who else doesn’t want an extra cup of tea?

My favorite is Tetley Black Tea. What is yours?

Tea can be perfect for you. The health benefits associated with the different flavor profiles and types are numerous. Just a cup or two a day can deliver wholesome goodness for you. Here is an informative article on “The Best Teas to Drink For Your Health” about each type and their benefits. Talk to your medical practitioner if you are not sure about the possible side effects of drinking one of the below-listed teas.

Best for Overall Health: Green Tea

Green tea has gained popularity over the past decade for its antioxidant and weight-loss properties. L-theanine, an amino acid in green tea, helps reduce stress and anxiety and slows down the absorption of caffeine in our bodies. That means drinking green tea won’t give you the jitters or withdrawal symptoms typically associated with coffee. Various studies show that drinking a cup of green tea in between meals helps curb your appetite. The results depend on individual habits and body traits.

Best for Gut Health: Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer effects. It’s widely preferred and used for many years to combat an upset stomach, nausea, or other stomach-related infections. A predominant flavoring agent in many Asian cuisines, ginger aids in a better and stronger digestive system.

Best for Lung Health: Herbal Tea

One of the many benefits of herbs is their anti-inflammatory powers. Depending on your taste and requirements, different herbs can be used for a good herbal tea. Mullein, horehound, nettle, and thyme are some of the many herbs commonly used.

Best for Sickness: Peppermint Tea

Peppermint has antiviral and antibacterial properties making it a good option for fighting infections and building your immunity. Peppermint tea is also known to relieve congestion and even lower fever. On a side note, did you know that peppermint tea can help with menstrual cramps apart from reducing stress and anxiety?

Best at Bedtime: Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has a mild sedative effect that helps you fall asleep and even improves your sleep quality, leaving you rested and fresh the next day. Chamomile tea is also shown to help with sleep quality problems associated with mental health issues. If you’re trying this, make sure you drink your chamomile tea 30-45 minutes before your bedtime for it to work its effect on you.

And my personal favorite…

Black tea has more caffeine and is a great kickstart to your morning. Black tea and green tea offer many common benefits, as they’re made from the same plant leaves. Leaves used to make black tea are allowed to age and oxidize, turning them brown or black giving the tea an earthy and dark taste. On the other hand, green tea leaves are heated immediately after harvest to stop oxidization, making the tea lighter in taste.

However you prefer your tea, this International Tea Day, put your kettle on, settle down with a friend or get some alone time, grab a scone (to make it a truly English experience), and cherish your hot cuppa.

Happy Tea Day!

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