The Seasons Of Life! With Deedra Jordan-Evans And LeTesha Wheeler

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HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

We experience different seasons, both in weather and in life itself. Most people have their favorites among the seasons: Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring. But are there really hateful seasons, or are we just not prepared to meet them? As we grow older, our lives change. We have children, we have careers, and we experience all kinds of different things. There are different seasons of life as well—and each season has its own set of challenges and rewards. In this episode, special guests Deedra Jordan-Evans and LeTesha Wheeler discuss the seasons in weather and life and how to be equipped to make the best out of them. Tune in now!


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The Seasons Of Life! With Deedra Jordan-Evans And LeTesha Wheeler

I’m Lady Chap, your host for Her Nexx Chapter show. Welcome, and thank you for spending your time with me. I want to start off by saying, Happy New Year. Breathe. Take it in. It’s another year, another chance, another opportunity to reset, refresh, and move forward. Keep moving forward. If you were one of those, who celebrated and brought in your new year by partying all night, good for you. If you were like me, who stayed home out of the cold and texted everyone Happy New Year before I went to bed, or if you happened to be one of those that celebrated with a glass of champagne and kissed your loved one, we all probably were in the same mindset. We were saying, “We made it another year.”

You’re probably in the mindset at this moment, thinking, “What am I going to do with my life this year? Where am I going to go? What am I going to change? Definitely, what am I going to keep behind that I don’t want to bring into the new year?” Leave that baggage behind and start new. You’re probably going to get into your typical resolutions. A list long, putting a lot of pressure on yourself, making a lot of promises to yourself or doing your visual boards, pasting pictures of things that you want and places that you want to be or places you want to go.

I don’t want to talk to you about that. I don’t want to talk to you about losing weight, drinking less, eating less, becoming a better person, or trying to find yourself or find love. I want to talk to you about the seasons of life. There’s something about the new year that inspires us and encourages us. There’s one thing about seasons in a natural form.

HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

We have four seasons. They constantly change. We don’t even know what to expect until the season comes. For instance, we had fourteen tornadoes here in Dallas, Texas. We weren’t expecting that. When they came, it scattered and shattered things, and once it was done, we picked up the pieces, put everything back together and kept moving forward and hoping it doesn’t come back.

Isn’t that the way life operates? It’s the same way, like a season. What season are you in? Before you answer that question, the first thing we have to do is analyze, take self-inventory and evaluate where we are. It can be good, bad and ugly. Before you can transition into your next season, because you’re going to transition, either you’re coming or going out of a new season, you need to understand why you are where you are and if there is a purpose.

A season, like in its natural form, has a purpose. In the wintertime, the plants need to rest and re-energize so that they can get ready for spring. In spring, we spring forward, and things begin to blossom. In the summer, we’re discovering. In the fall, leaves are shedding and falling for new growth. Tie that back to life. If you’re in the winter season and it feels like a tornado, that season will pass. Trust me, I understand. I feel like I’ve been in a tornado, a rainstorm, or a heat wave, with leaves falling and shattering all over the place. I understand. Nothing stays the same. If you are in a great season, you are in your spring, and everything is spring forward. Everything is blossoming. Children grow faster in the spring. I love Daylight Savings. Spring is my favorite time of the year.

HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

I feel rejuvenated. It seems like everything good falls into my lap. I love spring. Celebrate your spring. If you’re not in that spring, analyze and think about how you can get yourself out of your winter into your spring so you can blossom. What season are you in? Is it a career change? Is it a divorce? A divorce that you’re trying to get over that you left in 2022, and you hurting, and you felt like you’ve done everything possible that you could to make that marriage work, and you feel cheated? What did you learn? What are you being equipped for? What are you preparing for your next purpose?

Now it’s time to close that chapter and move into your next chapter. Are you in a season in your mindset where you are isolating yourself possibly because you’re grieving and had a lot of loss the last few years? The grievance is a tough one. It’s like a broken, shattered heart. I know. I’m coming out of my season of grievance slowly. That’s hard, especially getting through the holidays. I know. Trust me.

I met with a young lady. We had a gathering, and we talked about seasons, and she talked about losing her husband and trying to adjust to life single as opposed to married. She lost her husband to death. At the same time, which was so empowering, is that she said that she’s basically rediscovering herself and that her business is thriving and she’s being noticed.

What was powerful is that she shared the fact that she’s always been a giver, but now she’s starting to receive, and she’s learning lessons, transition, and purpose. She’s learning in this new season how to receive because she’s always used to giving. Do you see how that works? Even with a very devastating situation, there is a positive opportunity that takes you to a different channel when you are transitioning into a new season, like a job and that grinding.

Me and my husband have been in a grinding season. We both work from home, and it seemed like we were passing each other in the hallway. You might be in that situation. I’m going to encourage you. Don’t tie your self-worth to your job. I made that mistake, and when I lost that job, I lost me. Are you in a season of nesting, getting ready to give birth? That’s positive! Or are children getting ready to leave the nest? That’s a big, huge transition. How do you adapt to that? Ladies and mothers, make your children part of your life, not your life part of your children because when they leave, you’ll feel lost. You’ll feel like you have nothing because the children are gone, and you have to rediscover or find yourself. I encourage you, balance.

Are you in the season with the mindset of isolation where you don’t want to be around people? Grief can contribute to that. Align yourself and let others love you. I say that because when you isolate yourself, you start keeping company with the wrong voices in your head. Don’t isolate yourself. Allow others to love you and be there for you. Are you isolating your feelings and your thoughts around people? It all looks good in person, but behind closed doors, you’re hurting and suffering.

Connect yourself with a tribe so that you can bounce your thoughts and feelings. Choose wisely and still guard your heart, but connect with a tribe of women who will uplift you, hold you up, and cheer you on. I say one more thing. Notice what you’re not noticing. I say that because we have a tendency to speak negativity in our lives without even noticing. I’ve done it. I do it, and I have to check myself.

Speak life into your life. Manifest life into your life. See and believe in yourself getting out of the current season into the positive season. See yourself and believe. Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to get past where we’re at right now that we don’t take the time to analyze and ask the right questions, “What am I to learn? What am I to do with this?” Not “Why?” “What am I to learn? What do I need to move forward to be equipped?”

Sometimes your season may not even have anything to do with you. Your season can be for the eyes of someone watching you. I was speaking to one of our members of Her Nexx Chapter within our community, and she was going through a very depressing time right now. She’s married, and she has one daughter. I remember saying to her, “Keep in mind who’s watching you and your journey is her lesson learned. You want her to follow the positive and not the negative.”

HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

Inspire your daughters with your journey. They’re watching you to see how you’re handling whatever you are going through. You don’t want them to relive or think that is the pattern or path they should take. Being connected to a tribe not only uplifts you, but sometimes those women who care about you, your well-being, see things in your life that you’re too blind to see because you’re right in the middle of it.

I was telling a friend who’s part of our community. She was pouring her heart out about the things that she was going through with her family. She was focusing more or less on all the things that were not right. I was telling her, “I’m looking in your window, and you are right in the middle of one room. While I’m looking in your window, I can see all the different rooms. I can see all the moving parts.” I wanted to point out to her that as bad as it looks and feels, there are so many positives that are going to be the result from this season.

She couldn’t see it because she was right in the middle. I am holding her up, embracing her. Her heart is touching my heart. I am whispering in her ear, encouraging her. I am holding her to where I can see over her shoulders. That means I got her back, and I’m letting her see what’s coming and what’s going. That is sisterhood. What season are you in? I want to introduce you to a couple of beautiful, empowering women that I’m fortunate to have in my life that is very encouraging and uplifting to me.

I’m going to introduce LeTesha Wheeler and Deedra Jordan-Evans. You’re going to enjoy what they’re going to also plant into your life. Before I introduce you powerful lovely ladies who allow me to sit at the table with you, I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve you. I want to say we are ready. Whatever you want to throw our way, we can handle it. Deedra, did you throw a little shade my way? I got my shade. If you hit me with a word that’s long, I got my dictionary. If somebody says something hot and popping, I’m going to ring the bell.

Yes, we are ready.

I want to introduce our audience to some fabulous ladies I have the pleasure of helping me, who are kind enough to help Her Nexx Chapter launch this first episode. Three years in the making. I want to start with Sister Girl Deedra Jordan-Evans in the chapter with her nuanced background in the entertainment industry, from being an actress, a producer, a director, a writer, and a comedian. She’s all that and a bag of chips.

She’s that. She’s amazing. Deedra, who you are as a person and what you bring to the table is your heart with connecting people to help empower them for their full potential. I thought that was awesome when I read your bio and said, “That’s so true,” because I instantly connected with you. Do you remember when we connected?

I do.

We talked for hours, bonding.

It was wonderful. I called my husband as soon as we left, and I was like, “I met this wonderful woman. She’s amazing.” Remember, we were introduced. It was supposed to be a quick meeting, and go our separate ways. We were there for hours. It was awesome, and I love you.

Sometimes, you meet a person, and you instantly connect. That doesn’t happen too often. I am so happy you are here to help me empower women through Her Nexx Chapter show. We also have LeTesha Wheeler, who is a passionate influencer, author and speaker. She specializes in organizing life events that build and promotes unity in corporations. LeTesha, that’s awesome. You also wrote a book. That’s how we met. You conducted a book chat within the Her Nexx Chapter community. Your book is called Half Breed. You shared your experience and journey by being biracial as a child and growing up in that season. Tell us a little bit about that book.

It was such a privilege and honor to be a part of the book chat. I want to thank you and Suzanne for getting me connected. It was such an honor to be a part of your community and what you have here. The women who are connected are inspiring and celebrating one another. There’s no greater place to celebrate and empower one another. That book came to me at a time. It’s such a unique story in itself. Let’s say it was set up for such a time as this. I started writing that book from 2018 to 2019.

When I launched that book, it was right before COVID hit. As shortly after that, our country was closed down. A few months later, we had a lot of racial tension here in our country. That was the exact timing behind my launching the book on unity and racial unity. It’s interesting. You asked the question, “What season are you in?” Many times the very journey of our life creates the ingredients of a recipe for our lives. I didn’t realize growing up, moving around to multiple states and being a part of a White community and a Black community. The schools I went to had Hispanic, Asian, African, Democrat, Republican, Baptist, Catholic, rich and poor.

I hated moving around growing up. What I didn’t realize is there would be a time when I would need to reflect on my life experiences as a bridge builder. Ultimately I would have the honor to share that voice to help lead people in our country, corporations, schools, and sports teams through how to build bridges through racially divided times.

HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

Thank you for sharing. I felt inspired. You said you couldn’t read me when you first met me.

We were on the call, and I was sharing with you my story, how it came about and how I published the book and the journey and the wild rollercoaster. I remember you were drawn in. I could tell you were listening, but I couldn’t read your face. I’m such a nonverbal speaker. I couldn’t read you because you were still and caught in that moment. As you told me later, you were captured by what I was sharing. At the time, I didn’t realize it. “I think she thinks I’m crazy.”

No, I was so impressed. I was in awe. I was like, “This woman is amazing.” I got to tell you. I felt connected to you when I saw your message on seasons. It was so powerful and so inspiring. I said, “That has to be the message for New Year’s Day.” It touched my heart all the way to the core of my soul. It had me thinking about this message, and I was writing this message, and I’m going to deliver this message. My conscience started bothering me. It kept saying, “You can’t do that without her being on the show.”

If she sees your show and she sees that you’re basically saying the same thing she says, she’s going to say, “No, she didn’t.” I was begging, “Please let LeTesha do this,” because it would be my honor to have you recapture that moment. You said that message was delivered to you and to the audience, and you want to see LeTesha deliver that full message on seasons. It is on YouTube. You said that was dropped into your heart in 2015.

It was. It was very interesting. Even part of the message is that many times, the things that we’re walking through in our season now, we don’t understand why we’re walking through what we’re walking through. You may have the heart to do something, whether it’s a ministry or writing a book. You’re like, “I don’t have any open doors for this thing that I want to do now. It’s frustrating and difficult.”

You have a dream, and you don’t feel like you’re walking that dream out now. Many times, that dream is that talent, that gift that’s dropped in your spirit now, but it’s not for this time. It’s for a later time. In 2015, I was given the message of, “What season are you in? Are you equipped? Do you have the right equipment for the season that you’re in?”

I thought it was a great message, but I didn’t have a platform at that time to deliver that message. It wasn’t until 2022 that I would walk through a very difficult season in my own life and be given the opportunity to share the difficulty, the blessing of walking through different seasons that mature you and have a purpose, and that I would be able to pull back on a very message that I was given back in 2015 and now able to deliver it. Many times, the things that we are walking through won’t even be shared or blessed someone until many moons from now.

Sometimes, it’s the timing. You’re supposed to put it on the shelf. My stepfather told me many years ago, when I was young, “When you get information, you may not be able to use it now, but just store it on the shelf because you’ll definitely need it at some time.” It’s interesting that we’re all here. Both of these ladies are here in Dallas, Texas, with me. What’s funny is neither one of us is from Texas. Deedra, where are you from?

I’m from Oklahoma City. Not even close. Texas, don’t hate me now.

I swear your mother must have lied to you because you are an East Coast girl to me all day long.

I love accents. Every time I hear an accent, I’m either trying to do it or it sticks to me. My husband says I have many talents, but accents aren’t one of them.

What’s funny to me is when people from Texas who are originally from Texas tell me I have an accent. I’m like, “I don’t have an accent.” You got the accent. LeTesha, you’re from Seattle, right?

I was born in Seattle and mostly raised in Seattle. I’ve lived in Louisiana. I lived in Texas growing up. I lived in Seattle, but I was born and raised there. I went to school out there. I claim Seattle as my roots, where I was born and raised, Seattle, Washington.

Deedra, let me ask you since we’re talking about the seasons of life, and you and I had this conversation. You said something profound. You said that you’re giving yourself permission to care for yourself. That might sound like I’m getting off the topic, but it’s not. I want you to elaborate on that. A lot of times, we are either waiting for a time or a situation in our life to either come or pass before we start living life. I’m guilty of that. I have a list. “Once I get this done, or once I get over to this point, or once I accomplish this, then I’ll start living.” That is the wrong mindset.

Mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, and the list goes on. I do these other things. I have a career as well, in addition to my passions and love in the entertainment industry I’ve been in for a very long time. There are highs and lows and so on and so forth. I’m constantly taking care of my kids, my husband, my family, my in-laws and my uncles. You name it. I’m loving on different people and caring for them. My husband was like, “Sweetie, you need to take a moment and be quiet. Be still.” You need to hear your voices that are working in you. I talked to them. I was like, “I need to hear my voices. I need to hear this voice for this character. I need to hear that.” The only way I can hear that is if I’m sitting still.

It’s like I’m feeling guilty if I’m sitting still because there are so many things that need to be done. I wash the clothes, do this, and do that. I said, “I’m taking the time.” I’ll tell you, LeTesha, this confirms because it’s that thing of what tools you need. I’m always praying for that resources and tools. I had to stop and go, “What tools do I already have that I can put in place?” When I sat still, I’m like, “Let me take that time,” if it’s an hour a week or an hour a day to have my time and be still, if it’s laying in bed and listening to my inner self, what do I need physically, mentally, and spiritually?

That’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve seen myself be more creative. I’ve seen God put in my spirit different things that I hadn’t thought of because I was quiet to hear him. You have those tools. Yes, I’m using what I’ve been learning and growing. As you said, there are some things you’ve been having. It was you who were waiting at that time to use it. That’s where I am now.

HNC 1 | Seasons Of Life

The key point is giving yourself permission. I thought about that conversation that you and I had. One of the things I said that I should start doing is this. I put every task and every appointment on my calendar. You need to start putting time for me on the calendar. The interesting thing is that I hear women all the time say, “I’m going to do more of this. I’m going to take better care of myself.” As soon as the kids come, the parents call, or your spouse needs something, you’ll say, “I was planning on doing this for me.” “You can do that later. I need you to do that.”

Sometimes you shouldn’t even tell them. You should say, “I have an important meeting I cannot get out of.” My meeting is with me. As mothers, daughters, spouses, and friends, we’ll be quick to put our agenda on hold to take care of someone else. It’s like when you’re in the airplane, and they’ve given you instructions. If the airplane starts to go down, they say, “Take the mask and put it on your face first before you help somebody else.” You got to breathe first before you can help someone else. You said a very important word, which is to be equipped. Can you elaborate on that? When you say to be equipped, and that stuck out to me in your message, what exactly does that mean?

I jokingly start sharing how in the natural seasons that we all are aware of, winter, spring, summer, and fall, I naturally dislike winter. I don’t like being cold. That’s why I live in Texas. I don’t like the cold. I don’t like winter. It’s interesting when that season approaches, I dread it. It’s going to be cold, and I have to start my car in the cold, and I don’t want to get out of bed. I take a shower for an hour.

What I realize is I feel like the Lord reminded me, “The reason you hate this season is because you’re not equipped for it.” We joke about this in Dallas. We only have two seasons. We don’t get the full four seasons here. It’s summer, or it’s winter. You have these hot seasons and cold seasons. I love summer. I got bathing suits and sunglasses. I’m going to pool parties with friends. I want summer vacation, the beach.

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On the flip side, I hate the winter. I don’t buy winter clothes. I don’t equip myself for winter. Deedra, you said something so important. I need to look in my closet. I could pull out a scarf. I could put on a nice fuzzy hat. I can make cocoa. I can invite girlfriends over for tea. I can put wood in the fire and warm up my home for my family to enjoy the winter, but I don’t equip myself for that season. It means it’s harder for me to overcome the obstacles I will have to walk through because life is full of obstacles. No matter what season of life of walking through, there are always obstacles and a journey that we have to walk and uphill battles and valleys. It makes life that much harder when I’m not equipping myself.

Many times, Deedra, like you said, I have the tools right there, but many other times, it’s relationships. It’s me evaluating, “What’s going on in my own heart. What do I need to release this year in the new year? I don’t want to bring unforgiveness into this year. I don’t want to bring bitterness into this new year. What do I need to pluck out in this season of my life?” You don’t show up to baseball practice without a baseball bat. You don’t show up to track practice without your spikes. You don’t show up during the hunting season without your hunting gear. How much more difficult would that season be if you don’t show up with the tools?

Do you know what I realized watching your message on YouTube? I guess I ditched that Social Study class at the time, but I did not realize that the entire earth and everything that exists on this earth is based on seasons. From a bug’s life to a plant’s life that relates to human life, every single thing has a season. We have to know how to embrace it. We have to take the time to evaluate and do self-inventory, and we also have to analyze the current situation or status that we are in, good, bad, or ugly.

When you say equipped, that means maybe we need to be equipped for the current season but also to be equipped for what’s to come. It’s powerful. One thing we can do in our season is to choose, and I’m not saying choose a season you want. I love everything about spring. Spring has always been my favorite. Coming from LA, Los Angeles, I’m a California girl, it’s spring all year long. You know.

When I came to Dallas to this heat, I shut down three months out of a year. I don’t embrace it gracefully. I’m mad. I’m complaining. I’m going to show the weather that it can’t take me like that. Even though it’s 99 degrees, I’m going to open my windows and the door because I want some natural air to come in, although there’s none. I’m going to sit outside and sweat and drink my coffee because I like to sit outside. I do not like the summer here in Texas. I’m sorry. I don’t like it.

We’re in denial. Is that not like life many times? We’re in denial of the journey or the season that we walk through.

That’s true. Try to avoid it or try to run from it. My husband, one of our buckets is that we love living in Dallas, but we want to live somewhere else three months out of a year instead of embracing it. You even mentioned, you said that you admire people that embrace the winter, even though you don’t like it. When you embrace the season that you’re in, if we talk about the natural form, if we go into summer, we have to peel off the clothes. If we step outside in a storm, we have to take our umbrella and put on a coat. That’s the same when you have your life season. Sometimes people get stuck and think where they are now, that this is the all-in. What are your thoughts on that, Deedra?

You don’t have to be all in. You just like one thing in it. I’m like a chameleon when it comes to that. When it comes to winter, I don’t like the cold, but I love coats. I love hats and gloves. As a treat, I get cute gloves and a cute coat and I’m rocking it. A hat and a cute scarf, and I am Chilly Willy, and I may not even go outside. To that point, which is funny, I love summer, but I hate the heat.

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I say this because I’m preaching to the choir. I’ll give a message, and the message is coming back. I love to be transparent and speak about my own life and share what’s going on in my life. The last few years have been like a tornado or more like the environment. There have been days when we wake up, and it feels like it’s summer. You put on your summer clothes, and the next day it feels like it’s winter, and you put on your winter clothes. That’s how life has been prior to the pandemic and during the pandemic. There’s a time for everything, how we embrace it, how we choose to embrace it, and how we choose to live through it. We had a meeting, and there was a group of ladies. We were talking.

Some ladies have lost their husbands. Some ladies are trying to have a life outside of being a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a wife. Some women are feeling a little lost and trying to reconnect with themselves. The one thing about when you’re going through a journey is not to isolate yourselves. I went through a grief season. I lost my mom in 2020, and I lost my best friend. I felt like a part of me had died with her. I started isolating myself. It was getting up, getting dressed and going out to the store. It was exhausting because of that depression, that grief.

Finally, I said, “I’m tired of being sad. I’m tired of crying. This is part of life. Nothing stays the same, and I need to get up and get my life going reconnected to myself.” My mother, my friends, and my family want this. What helped me was being connected to Her Nexx Chapter, being part of a tribe. Although you want to guard your heart at the same time, you need other people or women you can talk to and bounce your ideas or what you’re going through. Sometimes the husband is just not it. We love them, and they want to fix it, but they don’t understand it the same way another woman who’s there.

I love that the equipment we need many times is other people. It’s the relationships and realizing that, many times, the very things we walk through aren’t even about us or for us. Many times it’s about the other women and the other people in our life that will need that encouragement from the very thing we’ve walked through. With the loss you’ve walked through, you can now encourage other women who are walking through loss and going through very difficult times.

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Deedra, you said you wanted to say something.

You always go through things with grace. Even when you’re sad, you always show grace, and you always give of yourself. You give to so many people. It’s beautiful that you took that time to heal for yourself and let other people love you. Sometimes people don’t allow others to love them. It’s beautiful that you do that, that you are wonderful about letting people pour into you and love on you as you do for so many. I’ve known you for years, and you’ve always been so gracious. No matter what you’re going through, you’ve done for others and always connecting women to one another.

“This person can help you with this, and this person can do this. You guys need to be together.” You are light even during this time because I got the blessing to see how your stories touch those women. I knew 2 people in the room, maybe 3. I felt connected to all of the women once she finished her story. Everyone else felt like they could open up, and she was that vessel to connect each one of us. It’s a beautiful thing. You’re a beautiful woman, and I love that.

It’s great to be connected to women that are going to uplift you and not try to tear you down. That is so important, and that is the tribe you want to be connected to that has your back, holds you up, and embraces you.

That’s what you do. You’re vulnerable, and you provide a space for other women to be vulnerable and share. When you leave, you put that information out there. It’s like how you leave it at the altars like I left it there, and then you’re taking that encouragement and inspiration and walking out the door with it. It’s a beautiful thing.

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I thank you, ladies. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your transparency. I hope to have you back. This is our first episode, and we’re going to keep encouraging and empowering women. I also like to say for those ladies that did enjoy this conversation and want to continue this conversation and connect with me directly, go to our website, and I will be there waiting to meet you and talk to you about your journey. Thanks so much, ladies. You have a blessed, happy, successful new year and great seasons.

That was a lot. I am walking in my purpose, and purpose is doing things outside of yourself. Purpose is not self-serving. It’s doing things outside of yourself for the good of others. Hopefully, this discussion was empowering for you, and I hope that you definitely take the time to analyze your current season. If you are in a great season, congratulations and share and inspire others with your successful season, your spring that you’re in at this moment, and journal where you are and where you want to be. I encourage you.

I leave you with this. There’s a season and time for everything in life. There’s a time to live, a time to die. There’s a time to cry, a time to laugh. There’s a time to hold on and a time to let go, a time to speak and a time to be silent. A time to hold on and let go. A time for war, a time for peace, a time to stand still and stand strong and listen, and a time to get up and move forward. A time to grieve from a special loss and a time to celebrate that life that was lost by living your life.

You, as a woman, you will not only walk through your seasons, but you will grow through your seasons, and you’re going to be okay. Believe that there’s a positive life after this chapter. I know you’re saying, “Lady Chap, I’m so tired.” Stop speaking that. Keep believing and keep pushing forward. If you enjoyed this, please make your comments on the platform and please join me in our community and share your victories, your stories, and let us join you on your journey. We’re here for you. Thank you, and happy new year.

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HNC 1 | Seasons Of LifeDeedra Jordan-Evans has traveled a journey that has been anything but traditional. She has a background in business, journalism, adult education and television and film production. As an actor, writer, and motivational speaker, Deedra’s goal is to inspire and encourage women to pursue their destiny. While working in the hospitality industry, she generated more than $3 million in revenue as Transient Manager and Director of Sales, all while touring and singing background vocals! Her positive and energetic personality shines through the heart of this truly inspirational woman.

About LeTesha Wheeler

HNC 1 | Seasons Of LifeLeTesha Wheeler is a passionate influencer, author, and speaker whose greatest desire is to motivate others to walk in the fullness of their purpose, overcome fear, and stand strong in faith despite life’s biggest obstacles. She organizes life-changing events that build and promote unity within corporations, schools and the local community. LeTesha has been married to James for almost 20 years after their collegiate athlete journey at the University of Washington. She and her husband are committed to building their local community as they are heavily involved in business, youth sports and ministry where they reside in McKinney, Texas.


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