Don’t Fear Breast Cancer: The Truth About Mammograms, Your Thyroid and Alternative Exams

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Women are conditioned to fear breast cancer, and we are told the only way to survive or prevent it is to get regular mammograms and do breast self-exams.

We are taught to seek lumps as if we will die if we don’t.

The problem is we tend to find what we seek, and what we focus on multiplies.

We need to remove fear from the equation and look at breast cancer in a different light so we can make truly informed decisions.

Why We Get Breast Cancer

If we look at history, there have been some significant changes in the way we treat thyroid disease and what we are exposed to.

Hypothyroidism increases the risk of breast cancer. Before the 1970s, hypothyroidism was treated according to symptoms with natural thyroid that contained both T4 and T3 hormones.

The TSH test was invented in the 1970s and changed everything. Doctors looked at one number, ignored symptoms and treated hypothyroidism with a synthetic T4 hormone only. TSH is not a good indicator of thyroid issues and often women get told nothing is wrong, even if they feel awful, because the TSH is normal.

So, one change is that a lot of women are running around with undiagnosed and improperly treated hypothyroidism which will increase their chance of getting breast cancer.

Another change came in the form of formula feeding and fire-retardant pajamas. In the 1900s, 90% of babies were breastfed. That dropped to 42% in the 2000s. A lot of formula contains soy and other undesirable ingredients that can depress thyroid function.

Fire-retardant pajamas contain bromine which displaces iodine, one of the minerals needed for good thyroid function. Nearly everything we are exposed to today contains bromine: cars, furniture, carpet, fire-retardant mattresses and clothes, bread, and orange-colored sodas/electrolyte drinks.

Top all that off with a nutrient poor diet, stress, and a lack of sunlight (especially with the use of sunscreen) and you’ve got a recipe for breast cancer.

The Truth About Mammograms

Aside from the fact that mammograms are barbaric and if a man had to squish his “family jewels” between two plastic plates, they would have found another way (or not invented that way in the first place), mammograms can actually increase your risk of cancer.

If you have a tumor when you get a mammogram, the pressure can burst it and spread the cancer. You are also exposed to radiation which has a cumulative effect. The more exposure the greater the risk of getting cancer.

Mammograms do not have a good accuracy rate. There is a 7-12% chance of getting a false positive, especially if you are young, but that number increases with the more mammograms you have. At 10 or more, the false positive rate goes to 50-60%.

Unfortunately, due to conditioned fear, many women are opting to remove their breasts only to find out they never had cancer in the first place.

The science behind mammograms has never supported their use. A 1999 Swedish study found that regular mammogram screenings do not lead to lower mortality rates. So, they are not saving lives like we’ve been told. If you want to dive deeper into the science and politics behind mammograms, read Conspiracy of Hope: The Truth about Breast Cancer Screening by Renée Pellerin.

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

The first thing we need to do is take care of our thyroid.

This means getting enough of the fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and K2. Vitamins A, D, and K2 are found in full fat dairy, liver, egg yolks, butter, cream, and cheese. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight, but you can’t get vitamin D from the sun if you use sunscreen.

Radiated mushrooms will contain vitamin D2, but that must be converted to D3 for the body to use it. Vitamin K2 is also found in natto, sauerkraut, beef, chicken, and pork.

You can check your morning and afternoon temperature to get an idea of thyroid function. Your body temperature should never be below 97.6, and it should be lower in the morning than in the afternoon. And pay attention to your symptoms like cold hands and feet, hair falling out, fatigue, and constipation as these indicate a low functioning thyroid no matter what the TSH says.

Next, we must address stress. We don’t always have control over stressful situations, but we can control how we respond, and we can practice meditation, take some time every day just for us, get out in nature, and find something to do that is enjoyable. Laughing is also a good thing to strive for every day.

If you want alternatives to mammograms, ultrasound and thermography are better options. You can still do self-exams, but don’t do them because you are afraid of getting breast cancer. Remove the fear and expect that you will not find anything. Your brain and body are connected, and what you believe will usually manifest.

And please, do not keep your cell phone in your bra. This is the number one reason younger women are getting breast cancer. It’s best not to put a cell phone on your body, but if you must, get a case that will protect you from the EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

Breast cancer is not our destiny. Fear is the real enemy which is easily removed with the truth.

The best way to take care of your breasts is to take care of your thyroid, reduce stress, change your thoughts, and seek the truth so you can confidently make decisions that honor your mind and body.

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