Red Light Therapy Can Be Anti-Aging, Decrease Inflammation and Enhance Skin

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Red light therapy (abbreviated as RLT) is one of science’s newest aids for healthy living. Many of us think of RLT merely as a cosmetic tool for eclectic salons, but this technology involves much more than just skincare. Researchers have found that red light provides an avenue for treating a range of concerns, from acne to broken bones. RLT is a safe and efficient way to enhance our well-being.

Prospective RLT patients will likely wonder how exactly something as simple as colored light can bring about so many benefits. The answer is in our cells – this painless low-wavelength red light is absorbed by our skin and reaches the mitochondria, which is well known as the powerhouse of the cell. RLT provides the mitochondria with a zap of energy. This allows the cell to complete its necessary functions at a much faster rate than normal. As a result, skin appears renewed.

One of the most popular uses for RLT is in cosmetics. Our skin’s collagen levels increase when exposed to red light. As a result, patients find that this gentle treatment reduces signs of aging, including wrinkles and sun damage. Red light technology has also been shown to decrease acne and subsequent scarring. RLT achieves this by focusing on inflammation, which is a major trigger for problematic skin conditions. Countless spas are now incorporating red light therapy in their pampering options, especially for clients looking for long-lasting effects.

Scientists have applied RLT to more serious health conditions, such as skin cancer and wound healing. When our bodies are coping with damage, our cells go into overdrive as we heal. RLT gives these cells an extra bit of energy to complete this process. For patients who are in need of internal support for their health conditions, RLT is the perfect fit.

One of the most surprising applications of red light therapy is in cardiovascular health. An article by Rouge tracks the research scientists have completed in this field, finding that – just like we see in dermatology – the key to RLT’s success in heart health is its ability to lower inflammation. Red light can also heal the tissue scarring left behind by heart disease. This prevents further complications while enhancing patients’ holistic health.

As we continue to discover the ways RLT can benefit our lives, we are empowering one another to pursue holistic health. New technologies like red light therapy can have a great impact on our society’s well-being. If RLT is something that you believe will benefit you, it is important to consult your doctor for more information.

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