Capturing Courage and Self-Sacrifice on National Superhero Day

Apr 28, 2024 | Main Blog | 0 comments

When we were younger, our superheroes were mostly fictional characters. National Superhero Day was created by Marvel in 1995 to honor its iconic superheroes, including my personal favorite, Iron Man. What makes superheroes so captivating? Perhaps it’s a combination of unimaginable strength, extraordinary qualities, and embodiment of hope.

A hero is characterized by being extraordinary enough for us to aspire to emulate. Typically, heroes are brave, resolute, self-sacrificing, and guardians. As we mature, our perception of heroism evolves. We begin to recognize those around us whom we admire and wish to be like. A hero can be an immigrant father who sacrifices everything to provide his child opportunities in a new country. A hero can also be found among our police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, veterans, and the members of our communities who selflessly perform heroic duties every day for the betterment of society.

Their tasks are not easy. But it’s easy for us to take a moment to express gratitude for their contributions. Let’s seize this day to celebrate the heroes in our lives. I, for one, will certainly be expressing my gratitude to my heroes!

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