The Multi-Talented Deedra Jordan-Evans: Embracing Each Season as a Learning Opportunity

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In the heart of Oklahoma City, where the vibrant hues of creativity paint the skies, a journey in the music industry sprouted from the seeds of childhood for our protagonist, Deedra Jordan-Evans. Born into the world of entertainment, she found herself ensconced in the glow of her father’s groundbreaking work at the first Black-owned radio and television station in the city. Little did she know that these early moments on screen would sow the seeds of a destiny far beyond her wildest dreams.

As a child, she danced in the glow of spotlights, surrounded by the melodies of music that seeped into her soul. Little did she know, her presence on a television show sparked a connection with the owner of the station who recognized the flicker of talent within her. It was in those formative years that the infinite possibilities of a career in entertainment began to serenade her spirit.

Guided by the orchestral nudges of fate, she embarked on a melodic odyssey, where the rhythm of concerts and the pulse of industry professionals became her symphonic companions. With the unwavering support of her parents, she soared into the world of performance, alongside a fellow firefighter turned vocalist, kindling the flames of ambition in her heart.

Venturing beyond the borders of Oklahoma, the siren calls of Atlanta beckoned her to explore the depths of her artistic soul. It was there, amidst the tapestry of industry figures and seasoned professionals, that her voice found resonance as a lead vocalist, a role she once deemed elusive. Encouraged by the chorus of friends and mentors, she bravely auditioned for a legendary gospel artist to travel as her background singer, setting into motion a journey that would encompass basking in the glow of winning awards and sharing the stage with other legendary recording artists.

But amidst the resounding echoes of music’s embrace, a dormant passion stirred within her – the love for acting and writing. As she waltzed through the corridors of uncertainty and opportunity, a chance encounter with destiny in Oklahoma sparked a chain of events that would redefine her life’s song.

Back in Oklahoma, a serendipitous encounter with a fellow actor unraveled a tapestry of opportunities, igniting a flame of artistic resurgence within her.

From the hum of downtown conversations – to commercials— to the grand crescendo of sharing the screen with Hollywood stars Bill Pullman and Milla Jovovich, the harmonious symphony of fate led her through a labyrinth of commercial success and movie roles that shimmered with stardust.

With each new role, script, and performance, she danced on the tightrope of passion and persistence with an unwavering resolve. The stage transformed into a sacred canvas where dreams unfurled like blooming petals in the rain painting a portrait of resilience and unwavering dedication to the arts.

The transition from acting to writing was a natural progression, fueled by a desire to explore new creative avenues. Despite facing personal hardships, including the unexpected loss of her sister, she found solace by engaging in writing workshops led by esteemed industry professionals.

During a particularly challenging workshop, a mentor recognized her talent and offered words of encouragement. This validation amidst adversity reaffirmed her commitment to writing, showcasing the resilience and potential within her even in times of sorrow.

Embracing each season of life as a learning opportunity, she dedicated herself to honing her craft and pursuing opportunities to contribute to various projects. With a newfound focus on writing for television, she was poised to embark on the next chapter of her creative journey, guided by a steadfast determination to succeed and flourish.

Her passion for cinema ignited a journey that led her to unexpected places. Enrolling in a film course at a local community college taught by the co-producer of The Godfather proved to be the catalyst for her transition into the role of Director of her first film production.

Keeping in mind her mother’s advice to have stable income the inherent instability of the entertainment industry, she leveraged her multifaceted talents and skills to pivot and create that income stability through various roles within the corporate sector – whether that be in Atlanta, Oklahoma City or Dallas-Ft. Worth where she now resides.

I asked Deedra, “If you could rewind the clock, armed with the depth of wisdom and experience you now possess, what invaluable counsel would you impart to your 21-year-old self?” Her insightful answers are below:

1. Embrace the wealth of resources at your disposal.

2. Take stock of your surroundings and assess the opportunities they hold.

3. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance and support. Ask questions and reach out for assistance.

4. Cultivate gratitude and extend a helping hand whenever possible.

5. Dive deep into research and arm yourself with knowledge.

6. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Show up fully and give your absolute best.

7. Maintain a positive mindset, regardless of the outcomes you encounter.

8. Remember, your mindset is your greatest superpower. Nurture it, harness it, and let it guide you toward success.

I also asked her, “As a seasoned artist who has navigated the highs and lows of the industry, what motivational message do you aspire to impart to aspiring or burgeoning artists, fueling their dreams and guiding their journey?”

You are NEVER too old. It doesn’t matter where you live, follow your dreams.

For more of Deedra’s inspiring story, tune in to The Seasons of Life! Podcast with Deedra and LeTesha Wheeler, hosted by Her Nexx Chapter Founder and CVO, Lady Chap.

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