It’s National Video Game Day – Play On!

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Today is National Video Game Day! Who doesn’t play video games? Sadly, it is a common misconception that women don’t play video games. Thankfully, there are a lot of women who play video games. Some women are even passionate about video games; they deserve to be welcomed without ostracization and being judged.

You can celebrate National Video Game Day by buying a new video game to try. It can be any genre and any kind of video game. A video game is a video game, no matter the genre and categories. Family friendly games are video games. Computer games are video games, too. Arcade games count as video games. PC games are also video games. Buying a new video game supports the video game developers, publishers and company as a whole. Importantly, buying a new indie video game supports independent video game developers and companies.

If you do not have a video game console or PC, you can always visit an arcade game area. You can visit Dave and Busters for arcade games. You can also visit Chuck E. Cheese’s to play arcade games. Or pop into your neighborhood shopping center that has arcade games. Arcade games are fun if you’re in the mood for video games, but you don’t have a video game console or a PC.

The reason why National Video Game Day is on July 8th instead of September is because David Earle wants to sponsor this date as a video game celebration. He believed that July 8 is a special day for video games. He believes that this day is a good time for the video game sponsor season.

You might notice there is a “National Video Game Day” and a “National Video Games Day.” Video Game Day takes place on July 8 while Video Games Day takes place on September 12. For gamers, every day is a video game day. It doesn’t matter when you choose to celebrate video game day; it’s your chance to enjoy video games any day – either along or with your friends. It’s entirely up to you. Game on!

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