My Favorite Coaching Success Story

May 7, 2019 | 1 comment

The coaching experience I hold near and dear to my heart happened with a mother who came to one of my workshops. It’s a little different from a 1:1 coaching session, as this was a group experience, but that is similar to how my Virtual Program sessions will run, so I think it’s a good example.

To give you a little background, I do communication training for parents. This came about because I’m passionate about working with teenagers. When I first started out in career and professional coaching, I wanted to help young adults, those graduating from college, to get a jumpstart on their career. Then I thought, “Ideally, they need this before choosing a major. Before they start college.” The younger they can do it, they have a big leg up in life.

Well, when working with teens you naturally end up working with their parents, too. Parents, after all, are basically their kids’ first career coaches, shaping, leading and guiding their early choices. To help remove some of the communication roadblocks between parents and kids, I created a workshop for parents, “Talking to Teens: Adapting Your Parenting for Adolescence,” based on DISC.

After the workshop, this woman’s face was glowing! She said, “Now I get it! Now I see where I am clashing with my daughter and why. Now I can take a totally different approach and stop feeling frustrated.” This was her breakthrough moment. She had such a look of relief and happiness on her face. She texted me later and started to reshare some of the realizations she took from the workshop and how powerful and impactful it was for her. She said, “Not only do I now understand my daughter better, but I understand myself better.” Seeing someone light up like that is the most amazing feeling!

So much about coaching is questioning; as a coach you are really a guide to get someone to “get there” themselves. When you give people the right framework and tools the “ah-ha” moments come from within. That’s the piece that I love most about being a coach and a trainer – seeing people experience those breakthroughs.

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