Letitia Harris and Her Online Business Presence: An Interview Recap

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Exciting things are taking place at Her Nexx Chapter! Letitia Harris of Rise Up Creation International is HNC’s newest Workshop Facilitator, preparing to launch her Virtual Program: Her Online Business Presence. She is the Founder/CEO of a global professional development company that helps grow women’s entrepreneurial success.

In an interview with HNC’s Virtual Program VP, Angie Grimes, Harris explains how her history of being a hard worker with a knack for business guided her into finding a window of opportunity that allowed others to grow and expand much as she has. Her formula for entrepreneurial success sparks a flame within those seeking motivation: “You can achieve the impossible: Dream, Demonstrate, Dominate.” With these guiding principles, Harris reminds us that we all have what it takes to reach even our most ambitious goals.

We get a closer look into Harris’ business as she explains the ins and outs of her methods. Her insightful tips, such as looking within oneself to find the inner confidence to persevere and achieve, are clearly from a position of wanting to see others grow. Harris shares a personal anecdote where she advises the audience to seek out individuals with a greater knowledge and skill set who are willing to provide resources and guidance. She also names the qualities of her clientele: persistence, resilience, being open-minded, and most importantly, teachable.

Harris gives us a powerful sentiment on how she measures a coaching success: a client achieving what they desire for themselves and attaining what they have always strived for. Harris’ networking methods include utilizing social media and joining groups with other business-minded individuals. This process also includes taking risks, deciding when and how to take action, and convening with other entrepreneurs.

Harris imparts some inspiring words of wisdom that tell us what her Virtual Program is truly all about! She speaks about the importance of getting to know oneself, connecting with your inner desires, and guiding your way through your journey to reveal your inner strengths. Letitia Harris is here to make a difference by bringing out the inner greatness of growing women entrepreneurs aiming at the next level of success in their online business.

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