3 Steps for Avoiding the Post-Graduation Stress of Finding a Dream Job

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When we were younger, we all dreamed of the perfect job. The job that would make you wake up every morning with a smile that stretches from ear to ear. The job that would bring you a lifetime of happiness. The one made perfectly for you. But now it’s graduation season and you are still searching for that fairytale job. The search may be difficult, but there are ways to avoid job-hunting stress and instead find the perfect fit.

1.)  Plan Ahead

The job market is a competitive place. Don’t be afraid to start your job search before the semester ends. Manage your job hunting in a proactive manner and don’t wait for results before applying for the next opportunity. By starting on the research, application, and interview process early, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve to beat the post-graduation rush for employment.

2.)  Start Small

You’re just leaving college and you will want to rack up as much experience as possible before you jump into a full-time commitment. Whether employed in retail, corporate or the local sandwich shop, it is necessary to work your way up to the position you desire. Employers are looking for well-rounded and experienced employees. Land the perfect job with the experience and confidence that will make for a meaningful and successful start to your journey.

3.)  Get with the Times

Walking into an office with a crisp button-down shirt, a shiny new diploma, and a smile just isn’t going to cut it anymore. College graduates need to start making their mark in the world of social media and networking. Start a blog or create social media pages that showcase your skill set. Create meaningful relationships with those who work in your field through internships, volunteering, and even nonprofit work. It’s okay to do some tasteful self-promotion and a little name-dropping from time to time.

Congratulations, graduate! You’re now on your way. Don’t let the difficulties of securing employment stop you. Envision that dream job, take a deep breath, and get to work. Show your future boss that you are a woman who is ready for anything!

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