One Top Way to Drive Traffic to Your Digital Product

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You can work hard and release an amazing product—one that you know is perfect for your audience and get little, if any, traction. Go back and look over your product again. Maybe even ask for some feedback from a mentor or coach you trust.

The fact is that creating an offer is only one-half of finding success online. The other half is finding people who will actually buy that product. This is known as “traffic,” and you need a good amount of it in order to connect with your buyers.

You can attract traffic to your site and your product in many ways. Here is an essential traffic tip you should focus on especially if your audience is women…

Traffic Source #1: Pinterest

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms because users go there looking for inspiration, particularly when making purchases. If you’re setting up a Pinterest business account, (if you haven’t you definitely should) here are a few things to keep in mind before pinning your first post:

Focus on Your Niche

 Don’t make your Pinterest a random collection of different boards. If your niche is housing development, don’t have a board for clothing, another for animals, and one for movies and entertainment. Instead, create a separate Pinterest account for personal boards. When you have random boards on your business Pinterest, it confuses visitors and dilutes your branding. Potential buyers are going to your board to learn more about your niche.

Set Up Multiple Boards

 While you should limit the type of content on your Pinterest, you don’t need to limit your boards; in fact, you should have several of them. Think about what your visitors and followers may want to know more about.

If your niche is pet care, you can create boards on all things dog, such as leash training, caring for aging dogs, and the best canine products; these topics are all relevant to your main business.

What is your top traffic source?

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