Debbie Lanz and Her Healthy Body – An Interview Recap

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Many different programs help individuals with their fitness, health, and overall lifestyle. However, the virtual online program called Her Healthy Body differs in both its approach and techniques of change.

Debbie Lanz, a certified nutrition specialist and personal trainer, is very passionate about teaching individuals how to adopt sustainable, healthy habits that add up to long-term benefits from exercise and proper nutrition. Utilizing behavioral change techniques, she creates lifestyle management programs, unique to each client, which include exercise and nutrition to repair, grow, and liberate all aspects of one’s health.

By partnering with Her Nexx Chapter with virtual support and enrichment topics that meet women at the current chapter of their lives and elevate them to the next, Lanz hosts her Virtual Program, Her Healthy Body.

“Our lives are so busy that taking time for ourselves seems to get put on the back burner,” Lanz says. “I will help you find that balance in your life to make exercise and healthy eating fit into your busy schedule. We will learn how to adopt sustainable, healthy habits that will add up to long-term benefits.”

The ambitious goal of this program is to incorporate habits that will help people for the rest of their lives, not just for a month or two. Other programs try to look for a “quick fix,” but Her Healthy Body aims to reverse habits.

A challenge often faced when making diet and health changes occurs when people decide to get healthier by making dramatic changes to their lifestyle, which sets them up for failure as those shifts often are unsustainable. A month later, they will end up with the same habits. However, Lanz’s program is different from these others that promote quick change because she helps people make slow changes that will create healthier habits over a period of time. In this fashion, one will be able to maintain their dream body or lifestyle.

Lanz also recognizes that people lead very busy lives, which is why her program specifically teaches how to make time for healthy habits.

“I will teach you how to workout smarter to get the best results in your available time. Learn to shop, cook and enjoy eating whole, nutritious foods without feeling deprived,” says Debbie Lanz. “These newly-formed habits will help you be healthy for life not just for a few months. Let your next chapter be a healthy one!”

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