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Here are some tools and tips that you can use to help you create a personal budget to fit your lifestyle, and to help you stick with it in order to reach your ultimate financial goals.

  • Make purchases with cash or your debit card instead of credit cards. Not only will spending with cash help you to curb impulse buys, you will be eliminating the monthly interest fees that credit cards charge on your purchases.
  • Eat out less often or reduce added expenses such as a specialty coffee every day. Realize that by cutting out the daily latte, you could save up to $100 per month.
  • Make a budget and stick to it 
  • Realize that the goal of a budget is to help to control spending
  • Track your spending habits. It can be an eye-opener to see where your money is spent over a short period of time. Even small amounts add up over time.
  • Pay yourself first. Put money into your savings first each month and you will be less likely to spend it. If you wait till the end of the month, you will be less likely to save as much.
  • Identify your “wants” and “needs.” 
  • Use a smartphone app or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all your expenses.

Tools, tips and tricks can help you stay on course to meet your financial goals. It’s my desire to see you walk in financial freedom and mastering these budgeting principles is the first step in that direction.

What areas of budgeting do you struggle with? Are you more of a spender or a saver? What’s the best way for you to keep track of your spending habits? When you see something you want, do you buy it, save for it or ignore that purchasing impulse?

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