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Tuesday, December 3 marks the 7th year of GivingTuesday (often stylized as #GivingTuesday), a movement that originated in 2012 as a day to remind and encourage people to give back. Since its creation, it has grown into a global movement with hundreds of millions of people taking part.

For many, when they hear “GivingTuesday,” their minds immediately jump to and not beyond monetary donations. While it is always appreciated, giving is not limited to monetary donations. As reported by, in 2018, the worldwide day of giving raised $400 million with 3.6 million people participating. However, as stated by Woodrow Rosenbaum, Data and Insights Lead for, “It’s not fundraising Tuesday, it’s GivingTuesday.”

From donating items to giving of your finances or time, it can be hard to choose the way(s) in which you might contribute. When selecting a cause or act, make sure to choose something that is important to you year-round – not just on this day. If you’re not sure how you can give back this GivingTuesday, you can use this list below to help you get started:

  1. Time – Consider the many ways to volunteer your time. Making a difference in your community, creating or developing skills, and lending support/resources to others are all excellent ways you can give back. 
  2. Voice – Sign an online petition, call an elected official, or advocate for a cause that matters to you.
  3. Financial Support – Donate money to a nonprofit or community organization. Have you ever been just a few dollars short when checking out at the grocery store? Every penny counts.
  4. Goods – Organize or participate in a local donation drive. If you’re not able to partake in a drive make a trip to your local Goodwill or schedule a free Salvation Army pickup and drop off some items in your home you no longer use or need.
  5. Acts of Kindness – Hold a door open, give up your seat on the train or just smile at someone you don’t know.

If you still don’t know where to start, you can follow this link from to see what’s going on in your area: Local organizations. Once you’ve landed on your GivingTuesday contribution(s), make sure to share with the world how you’re giving back and why, by posting a #UNselfie on social media. Tell your story with words or a video for the #MyGivingStory contest and your favorite organization could win up to $10k to support their cause. However you choose to do it, don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference.

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